Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Would You Rather?

I know this survey has gone around before, but I've never done it. Because I'm tapering this week, I thought answering silly questions would get my mind off my upcoming race and the question of goals. (It didn't, but it was worth a shot.)
Goalies...and self-doubt.
More on this later. For now, moving on: Would you rather...

Run a 5k or marathon? As of right now, you all know I'm more in the mindset for a 5k! That's not to say I'm done with the marathon...just for right now.

Run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold? Being a Floridian, I've gotta say a hot, flat race. I've tackled a few and even snagged some PRs that way.
I'm beginning to see a, flat 5ks have earned me an AG award and a PR the last three times I ran them!
Get new running shoes or a new running outfit? New shoes! I have so many outfits now, but I can always use more shoes.

Run a long race without headphones, or without your Garmin/GPS? If the race has a lot of spectators, I can go without my headphones, but if it's well marked, I can go without GPS. This is a toss-up!

Run a PR that results in injury, or finish strong but miss your PR? I think most runners would agree that they'd rather miss a PR than get injured and be out of the game for awhile.

Do 100 squats or 100 sit-ups? Squats! Sit-ups aren't really good for you anyway, and I love how squats make me feel like I'm really strengthening my legs and glutes.
Plus, you can mix it up with lots of fun variations!
Run without socks or without a sports bra? I could probably get away with running without a bra but I think it would hurt. I have to go with socks on this one.

Run on a treadmill for an hour, or run around the same street block for an hour? least I could have a TV to stave off boredom.

Run naked or take a naked yoga class? This is tough! If you're running naked you could speed by people and they'd barely register you...but if you took a naked yoga class EVERYONE would be naked so at least you wouldn't be alone/the sole focus. Then again, you'd be in one place, naked, for at least 45 minutes. I guess I'll go with yoga. (This question makes me think of Megan!)
Come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in the NYC Marathon? I'd rather take 1st at NYC. The pressure of the Olympics would freak me out, and I think I like the idea of accomplishing something so great that you can just be happy about it; I don't like the idea of placing 4th and having unfinished business and then having to wait 4 years to try again and get closure!

Do you have a good "would you rather" question to share?
Answer any of the questions in the post!



  1. This is a fun survey! I may need to fill out myself! I think the naked question is funny...I wouldn't want to do either! Maybe a run in my underwear would be as far as it goes!

  2. I've run 3 marathons and 11 halves with no headphones so that question is a no-brainer!

    The last question is hard (not that I'll ever be in either situation, ha)...obviously there's nothing like winning outright, especially the biggest marathon in the world, but there's also nothing like being able to call yourself an Olympian for life. The Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for many people so I'm sure there are many who would take 4th place just to have that experience.

  3. I am honored you thought of me for the naked question. You know a naked race is on my bucket list and I am totally going to do it someday! I hope you are not going too crazy tapering. I would choose new running shoes too. Those are way more expensive than a new outfit!

  4. Wow! this are hard questions!!

    Let's see, I would run without music. A couple of weeks ago, Roger forgot his headphones and I gave him mine. We had 10 miles, but I knew he would not be able to get through the run without music.

    I would do a naked run, but would have to tape my boobs, or they would be sore from bouncing.