Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekly Workouts 10/3-10/9

Monday: Rest...Kind of. I count 4 hours of standing to see Joe Biden a bit of a workout. My back sure was sore after!
Waiting in line to see Biden!
Tuesday: 4 miles over the bridge with Elizabeth. We ran it four times. I had a little groin pain; I think my body still wasn't fully recovered from my race.
We were treated to a nice sunset!
Wednesday: I tested out my new "FitDeck" cards. I liked not having to put together my own circuit and the deck had a good mix of exercises, but despite warming up with burpees, I didn't feel really sweaty or fully "worked out" after.
Thursday: Rest. My legs were feeling a little achy and the oncoming hurricane made rest an easy choice. (We only ended up getting a normal evening storm and a lot of wind!)

Friday: 4 miles on the golf course. I felt great until about halfway in; then I lose momentum. Just tired and lethargic. I'm not used to having to rest after a 5k, but I guess I'm also not used to pushing so hard. Humidity could have been playing a role, but my heavy legs definitely shouted "RACE EXHAUSTION!"
I'm smiling, but this run was not good.
Saturday: Rest. My calves were tight again! Boo!

Sunday: I was going to run long - my last long run before the 10k - but decided to rest. This is my taper week and it's more important to rest and recover than to get in some more miles before next Saturday! Stretch, rest, recover, and pamper...that's going to be my motto this coming week!

My goal 10k is this coming Saturday. I'm still not sure 57:00 is a realistic goal, so this week I'll be thinking about what pace I'd like to aim to keep and then figure out my time goal from there.



  1. That's good that the hurricane didn't bring anything more than just a storm and wind. It sure was windy here today.
    Why do you think 57 minutes is not a realistic goal for your 10K? You certainly seem to be hitting the pace for it. I haven't "Raced" a 10k in years and I'm pretty sure next time I do that I won't be seeing my sub 60 anymore!!

  2. My back hurts too when I stand for a long time or I am shopping. It actually pisses me off because I do all this strength training and still my back hurts hahaha! It's nothing big or anything, it just feel like it shouldn't be happening at all. Ah, getting older. 34 sucks. ;)

    I have to ask too, why no 57? You have been working on your speed for months now and you have seen the payoff for that in your 5k! :)

  3. Great job this past week, I bet your body wanted a little rest after that speedy 5K! Enjoy your taper and good luck on the 10K...I'll be rooting for you! :)

  4. Good luck in your race this weekend! You've been working super hard I think you can hit your goals :-) Happy to hear you signed up for Gasparilla too!

  5. I think I need that Fit Deck! I'm looking forward to doing more strength after training. Good luck in your 10k! You did so awesome in your 5k that I hope you can use that confidence to fuel your 10k.

  6. I think 57 is super realistic! You have put in the hard work all spring/summer, now it's time to reap the rewards just like you did at your last 5K!

  7. Your body was just trying to recover from the speed! Did you eat well? I find it I get very tired when I have a lot of sugar... and I tend to load myself with sugar after races.

    I think 57 is a very realistic goal! you have been training so hard this summer, you are going to rock this 10K!!