Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday...Seven? & A Race Discount

I don't know what the linkup "theme" is this week so I'm not linking up. But I finally caught up on as many blog posts as I could and I just wanted to write a little something before I return to my regularly scheduled posts. (That means I won't have a "weekly recap" on Sunday because I literally have not run this week.)

1. Let's start there. I literally have not run since the Tuesday before we left for Chattanooga. We were so busy while there that I just couldn't be bothered; I was there to cheer on Matt, not get my run on. After the 10 hour drive home, I've been so sore and tired I just want to rest.
We did climb Rock City the day after the race, so that kind of counts as a workout.
This video shows Matt, me, and Quack making our way through "fat man squeeze", a super narrow rock tunnel.

Volleyball has started this week, so I'm getting my "workouts" in that way. My upper body is in so much pain!

2. That said, Saturday I have a 5k that I plan to run for fun and to support my colleagues who are running it. As I mentioned before, this is their first race ever and I just want to enjoy it with them!

3. It's avocado season! Our tree is dropping avocados like crazy. Last night I made curry and topped it with some slices. We have so many we have to give them away or they'll go bad; even refrigerating them doesn't help because we have about a dozen a day to go through!
Florida avocados are huge and flavorful; they're basically twice the size of the Haas variety.
4. Matt does not understand what "rest and recovery" means. We got home Monday from Chattanooga and he went out for a paddle on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I don't know, this is just an excuse to post more pictures of us from Rock City.
5. I voted! Mailing in my ballot was a lot less fun than going to the polls but at least I know that even if volleyball goes late on November 8, my vote has been counted!
6. Kristina and I were chatting about A1A a few weeks ago. I wanted to run it with Elizabeth but the price and travel factors were deterrents. Still, we considered it. I love it so much that to me, the cost is totally worth it; you get what you pay for. Kristina messaged me to make me aware of a 20% off code they were offering, and then just this Thursday she hooked me up with a comped race admission in exchange for a blog post about the race! I mean, I can't say no to that.
You guys know I was disappointed to miss this race because I've run it twice now and have loved it both times; I'm so glad I can run it again this year!
So I plan to pay half of Elizabeth's race entry (as a birthday gift to her - she and I share a birthday!) and that way we can both run it. I also have a code to share with all of you for 15% off (once the 20% deal ends this week), so if you're in Fort Lauderdale in February and want to run an amazing 5k, half, or full, use ALI at checkout!

7. Matt put together a surfing video when hurricane Hermine was bringing in some fun waves a few months ago. He entered that video into a film festival and was chosen as a finalist!
His film will be shown on the big screen at a real movie theatre and he has a chance to win $1000. We'll dress up and walk the red carpet. Seriously, how many talents can one person have?!

So that's life after Chattajack. What's new with you?



  1. Wow, I can't believe how multi-talented Matt is! Nice job on the film festival AND Chattajack!

    I too am finding myself staying away from more races because of price and travel cost deterrents. I used to just not care but these things add up fast, and races are so expensive these days it's unbelievable. I think the cost can be worth it for an experience you love (like you and A1A!) but I am definitely choosing a lot more carefully these days where my race money goes. Happy weekend!

  2. I am so jealous of your avocados! I love avocados and they are typically rather expensive here in Indiana, boo. Congrats to Matt on Chattajack and the film festival--how awesome! :)

  3. I'm so glad you'll be at A1A! I think Elizabeth will love the course, but of course I am the most biased person alive!

    How freakin incredible is it that you're going to get to walk the red carpet and see Matt's film on the big screen? That sounds like such an amazing experience!!!

  4. Wow, that is a lot of cool news for one week! Congrats to Matt and yay for the comp for A1A!

  5. That's so cool that you got a free race entry to A1A! I hope you and Elizabeth have a great time! Love the pictures of Rock City, I'd love to visit!

    Oh and I am so jealous of those avocados!!

  6. Damn Matt, stop being so awesome okay???? :) Dressing up for the red carpet sound SO FUN! What a great birthday gift for Elizabeth. I got a "race" for my bday once. And I gave my dad a race for his bday. PA does not have ANY early voting which I think is ridiculous. I plan to be in line BEFORE 7am so hopefully I can vote pretty much right away and get to work in time. If I am late for work, oh well.

  7. I am so jealous of your avocado tree! Please send some up my way..haha.

    Feel free to join our Friday 5 link up no matter what your theme is. It's all in good fun anyway!
    Have a fun race this weekend with your co-workers.

  8. OmG! Avocados with everything sounds amazing!! I'm with Meranda, ship us some avocados!!

    Wow! Matt is like awesome talented! It would be so awesome to walk the red carpet!

    When is A1A ? I want to run that race sometime in my lifetime.