Thursday, November 5, 2015

Training This Week

Last Sunday's run did not go as planned. I was really excited for the end of Daylight Savings because it meant my 4am wakeup for my 20-miler would feel like 5am. Ironically, I overslept.

I tried to get my run in that evening, but a late lunch of Mexican food gave my stomach different ideas. In a way, I figured that was okay. After the craziness of Chattanooga, some extra rest and a shorter run wasn't a big deal.

I have a half this coming Sunday (and I'm hoping to run 5 pre-race, time permitting), so I decided to call this week a mini-taper before I increase my long run back to 20.

Tuesday's run was hard. Not as bad as Sunday's, but still not great. I chalked this up to volleyball starting! This week I had three days of tryouts...45 girls tried out each day!
A little pigeon pose in the park after my run. I got some strange looks. Also, sweat was coming off me in sheets. Stupid Florida.
I mean, seriously guys. I'm so excited that all these girls are interested in the sport and want to play, and they're actually really well-behaved, but it's exhausting.

Anyway, I'm on my feet an additional 90 minutes on volleyball days, and I'm feeling it.

Thursday morning I asked Elizabeth, kind of joking, if she wanted to go for a run that evening after volleyball. I was surprised by how excited she was! For someone who claims to hate running, she's certainly taken to it quickly!
We did 6, which is the farthest she's ever gone, and despite some minor aches, I felt really good. I'm hoping to do 5 on Friday, but if I'm still achey, I'll cut it short. The half/long run is my priority this week.

(Side-note: This half is going to be insane; the race organizer is notorious for cutting corners, so I may need to carry my own water since it'll be hot. Also, there are two huge bridges at miles 10 and 12. Plus, it will be 13 miles of an 18-miler. I hope I survive.)
My half on Sunday is going to be intense. Luckily I'm not racing it; it's just training.
I celebrated Thursday's good run with chicken nachos. Baked chicken is protein, chunky all-natural salsa counts as veggies...I'd say this is almost a healthy meal, really.

Oh, and can we take a minute to look at this?
I'm sure the rest of you are truly enjoying your fall.
I seriously wish Florida were a person so I could slap some sense into it. IT'S NOVEMBER, FLORIDA. GET IT TOGETHER!

How has your week been so far?
How's your November weather?



  1. Good luck at your half this weekend! That is so exciting. I can't imagine attempting to run 20 miles at night AND after Mexican food! Just the fact that you tried is beyond awesome. I'd be like nope, next weekend! Hahaha. You are awesome! Nice job this week.

    1. Ha, thanks! My mind was definitely there, but my body was like "naaah, try again next time" haha!

  2. Good luck this weekend! Just relax and try to enjoy it as best you can. And maybe avoid Mexican food beforehand :)

    1. Yeah, I definitely went with Japanese instead!

  3. I don't care how sweaty you are, you still look beautiful in every post run photo! What is your secret!??

    Good luck on your 5 miles + the half! That is insane but a great idea to make your long run more interesting!

    1. I think I really like doing miles before a race for my long's seemed to work out well this year!

  4. Good luck, I hope your long run (with a half thrown in) goes well!

    Our November has also been too hot - it just doesn't feel right to have 70 days after Halloween. I think that's finally the last of it though, a cold wind is blowing through right now... it is supposed to be a warm winter this year.

    1. Last year was brutal for so many states, I guess you kind of deserve a warmer winter. But I wish it could be cold down here!