Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

As usual, Matt and I had a very busy Thanksgiving!

We started the festivities Thursday at Matt's dad's house, then stopped by his cousin's for dessert. We finished with dinner at my parents' house.
Meal #1 - I had a tiny helping of everything to save room for later! I like that Tammy always has ham at Thanksgiving so I don't have too much turkey.
Matt had three slices of pie at dinner #2. THREE.
Selfie break!
Thanksgiving #3, plus the homemade chocolate pecan and blueberry pies my mom made. I also splurged and had GF cookie dough ice cream at our final dinner.
Post-dinner coffee and games.
Friday we had our fourth Thanksgiving at Matt's mom's. She made roast beef, so we weren't completely overloaded with turkey.
Playing Fill or Bust and Matt's mom's.
Saturday, we met Jenn and Tommy for lunch and then went to Mote Marine. I haven't been in years, but it was the first place I ever saw manatees, so I blame it for my crippling fear of sea life. (It's actually a research aquarium, so the exhibits are not only educational to visitors; they also allow marine biologists and other scientists in Florida keep our ecosystem flourishing.)
Sea turtles, lion fish, sharks, sea dragons, and sea horses! (The males were all pregnant, and watching them try to swim with their huge bellies was kind of hilarious.)
We used the "two finger touch" to pet some baby sharks, sea cucumbers, sting rays, and more!
Saturday evening I went for a five mile run while Matt longboarded along with me. I realized that last time I ran 20 miles, it took a full week to recover. This time, I felt ready to run again Friday but didn't have time; my legs felt fresh and light Saturday, and I kept a steady pace easily.

Sunday, after a stop for lunch at Matt's mom's and a stop to see Brittany, we finally came home. Groceries bought, laundry done...I guess that means the weekend is over, but it was blissful while it lasted!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, US friends!
How was your weekend?



  1. You guys sure were busy! You would think I would be sick of Tgiving food by now but looking at all of your pictures just makes me want more of it! Normally we go to my family's and then Paul's family's, but this year we only went to his parent's house to keep it simple. I missed my fam but I admit it was nice not to be rushing around. I am sure next year will be all rushy-rushy again!

    That's great that it hasn't taken you as long to recover from your 20 miler! BDR here you come!

  2. Sounds like you had a great holiday! I loved seeing the photos from the aquarium.

  3. Yum! All the food looked great! Love the color of lipstick you were wearing for Thanksgiving.