Wednesday, November 25, 2015

20 Miles Done...Bring on the Pie!

As you guys know, I was unluckily rained out of this run Sunday, but I was fortunate that we don't have work the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because it meant I could make it up without much delay.
Much, much better weather. But check out that wind.
It was really hard to wake up this morning. The temperatures dipped, so I slept until 4:30, which ended up being a mistake. Even once I was up, it took forever to get moving. I sat on the floor in our dressing area (where the coffee pot is since the kitchen is still a hole) and had coffee and my poptart, and then just sat there for awhile. The past week must have really caught up with me.

Finally, I got out the door. I had a Gu in the car (PB, with caffeine); my plan was to start running around 5:30 and I didn't start until six.
Most of the dips in pace were due to pausing at crosswalks. I decided not to stop my GPS when waiting to cross.
I had a good route in mind, and the first loop was perfect. I kept an extremely steady pace and stopped around mile 5.7 to have my first Gu (Salted Chocolate, caffeinated) and water and to take a bathroom break. As the sun began to rise, it was pretty cloudy at first, so things were still cool and comfortable.
6 miles in and feeling fine!
As usual, once I started running, things felt good. I listened to Heather Dubrow's podcast for the first loop and it was such a perfect distraction. I tried listening to "Death, Sex & Money" but found it boring. After the first loop, I switched to music.
Guilty-pleasure-TV meets podcasts. This was like listening to friends gossip and made running really easy.
At the end of the first loop (which was 9 miles), I veered into the neighborhood I've been running recently to add two miles. When I exited the neighborhood and stopped at my car briefly (Gu #3, Chocolate Outrage, caffeinated), I realized how much warmer it was. The wind had picked up a bit, too. I grabbed my sunglasses and headed back out for the second loop.
Mile 10.5 or so. Halfway there!
From this point on - mile 11.5 or so - the headwind was tough. I could feel it affecting my asthma, and breathing was a pain. But at least the wind meant the day still felt cool despite the sun! I was starting to feel some little pains, but I knew I was nearly there and just had to dig deep.
At mile 15, I had my final turn-around. The wind disappeared. Suddenly, there was no shelter from the sun. The last four miles were brutal. I stopped at the park (mile 16.5, Gu #4 - Lemonade. No caffeine and definitely not a flavor I'll have again. I was hoping the citrus taste would get rid of the cloying sweetness of the other Gu, gum, and Lifesavers. Nope) and had some water. A lot of water.
I should've started the run earlier and avoided this mess.
I actually didn't regret chugging water at that point. I walked a little and then just decided to get it done and ran most of the rest of the way. By this time, my left knee really hurt (definitely IT band pain) but the rest of me felt good, just tired. And my mouth felt disgusting. It was pretty distracting!

I stopped my GPS at 20 miles and walked the last quarter mile back to the car.
Then I chugged a bottle of water the size of my head.
I walked a little during mile 16 after I stopped for a drink, and then at mile 18.5 for a little bit. I'd like to avoid that on race day, though.
I'm really pleased with my pace on this run. I didn't pause my GPS at any stoplights, and while moving my pace was always in the 12:20 range (although it dipped into the low 12s at some points, which wasn't smart planning on my part). I paused it during my bathroom break at 5.7 and at the car pitstop at mile 11, but all the times I had to stop at crosswalks and didn't pause seemed to even out those discrepancies.
I think I meant this more as a "20 miles!" sign and less to mean peace haha.
I am definitely ready to eat my weight in pie and enjoy taper from this point out. I'll be taking it easier this coming Sunday, and then I have one more long run (8 or 12 miles probably) before race day!

Can anyone recommend a not-too-sweet gum with long-lasting flavor?
Do you watch Real Housewives? I unashamedly watch OC, BH, and NY.



  1. Good job! I'm sure you'll do great on race day! I can't imagine running 20 miles- especially without obstacles or Disney characters lol. And you deserve ALL THE FOOD.

  2. Go you!!!!! If anything running in the heat now will help you on race day. It is perfect you had off today so you could get it in! You are sooooo ready for BDR. Now relax and eat all those pies you were talking about the other day. :)

  3. WHOOO! Way to go!!!!! 20 miles Isn't it so crazy to sit back and think that you ran 20 miles today?! Such an accomplishment!

    I don't have any advice on long lasting gum, but I sometimes get icebreakers mints which are a nice change from candy/gu.

  4. Fantastic job on the 20 miles!!!!!! I chew a type of gum that's "birthday cake" flavour and it lasts pretty long. I absolutely HAVE to chew gum on my runs!

  5. I would have slept the rest of the day...LOL. Great job on getting it done and now to enjoy taper time! YAY

  6. Way to go! And what a perfect day-before-Thanksgiving activity.

  7. Catching up! I had no idea Heather Dubrow had a podcast :) Way to go on getting the 20 miler in before T-Day!