Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day & Sacrifice

Today you're going to see a lot of blog posts dedicated to the "best mom in the world"...And why shouldn't you? Those of us who are lucky enough to have supportive, loving, funny, strong moms should be singing their praises! 
I was seriously a lucky girl to have not only the best mom, but also the best grandma!
My mom is the best mom in the world for roughly a billion reasons. As I look back on this past year, I recall her unwavering support as I trained for and ran my first marathon. It would be a lot to ask of someone to drive across the state and follow me along a full marathon course with a sign, smiling all the while...and I didn't ask. But she did it anyway! And after that race, as if cheering me on wasn't enough, she bought me the skirt that I'll probably wear to run my next marathon. After seeing yesterday's post about training plans, she offered to purchase an upgraded plan for me, if that's the direction I choose to go in.
Mom (and Matt) at the Space Coast Marathon, waiting for the next chance to cheer me on.
As a kid, I looked up to my mom because she was smart, funny, and not afraid to be herself. She was the role model every young girl should be lucky enough to have!
Mom doing our favorite bit ("Do I have something in my teeth?") while Stephie and I mug for the camera.
Now, as I stare down 30, she is still my biggest cheerleader, but also an invaluable friend. I couldn't ask for better.
Cheering me on at the Rays game where I threw out the first pitch.
I want to say something, too, to those women who are mothers but aren't my mother. (You can't all be that lucky.)  Moms are expected to sacrifice a lot for their kids. Their bodies, their time, their money...many women face the difficult choice of leaving the workforce to stay home with their kids. (The US doesn't make that choice particularly easy, either.) I don't want to be a mom myself, but I'm not blind to the work and dedication that goes into it.

Maybe due to this narrative of sacrifice - that mothers should sacrifice and be happy about it - most moms I know feel guilty when they take time for themselves. And that carries over into guilt about running. I have had the privilege to run with so many awesome, strong moms, and nearly every one has expressed some sort of guilt about the time running takes away from their families.

"Thank you, Mommy, for taking ownership of your life. You inspire me. I want to be like you." They are watching you, Mom. More than you know. <3#Moms #YourMom #FitMom #HappyMom #FitMoms #MomTime #FitFam #FitKids #MomLife #FitTribe #MyTribe #Love #Family #FamilyLife #YourFamily
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Listen up, running moms. You are doing your kids a service by running. Not only is it keeping you sane, but it keeps you healthy, ensuring you'll be around for your kids for years to come. Perhaps most importantly, seeing healthy habits and determination teaches your kids to be healthy and determined. Kids learn by example; they will follow what you do.

So keep running. For yourself, absolutely, but also for your kids.

What is your favorite childhood memory of your mom/mother-figure?
What do you appreciate most about the mom(s) in your life?



  1. Love this post and the video! My mom (well, both of my parents) are pretty great, and I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without her. I love that Mother's Day reminds us to be thankful of our moms who are always there for us. :)

    1. It's wonderful that you have such supportive parents!

  2. Dang I am bawling, and it is not just because of the wine, but your wonderful tribute to your mother. I know you are a strong, independent, smart woman, and I know you didn't get that way by chance. You must have had a pretty effing amazing role model. Happy Mother's Day to your momma! And happy Mother's Day to you, because I know how much you love Archie, and he's lucky to have you as a momma!

    1. I love that sometimes you get really emotionally involved in posts...I'm going to make it my mission to squeeze some tears out of you in my anniversary post this summer haha!

  3. I love this. My mom and I have become closer in the past years and I don't know what I would do without her. She is my number one cheerleader and supporter in everything that I do.

    1. It's amazing how when we grow up a little, we start to really become closer to our moms in different, more meaningful ways. I'm so grateful for that!

  4. There are so many things I am thankful for about my mom--number one being knowing I have her unconditional love. A favorite memory...She would go to my xc meets, and be so impressed that we walked the course before we ran it--She would tell everyone that little tidbit of information and expect them to be floored about it too!

    1. I love when moms brag on their kids like that! You can tell she was so proud of you!