Sunday, April 12, 2015

This Weekend

This weekend was a good one, all things considered. I had my week post-op at the eye doctor; my right eye is 20/20 but my left eye seems to have regressed to 20/40 (it was 20/20 the day after surgery). They told me the patches of dryness on my left eye may be interfering with my vision, but that my vision would continue to crisp up and improve; I'm trying to be a lot more diligent about my artificial tears.

That evening, we went to our first wedding of 2015. Our friends Adam and Lila tied the knot in a gorgeous little beach wedding. It was such a beautiful ceremony; I was glad we went even though I had such an early day Saturday. We even had time for a few dances before we had to leave. 
Lila and her dad walking down the aisle.
It was a gorgeous (albeit windy) evening for a wedding!
Our place-cards were little beach chair picture frames! So cute.
It was nice to have a reason to get all dressed up!
Saturday, I woke up at 4:45 and Kristin and I drove up to Venice for the Shark's Tooth 10k. It was a really hard race this year, as I knew it would be, but I'm so glad I went and beyond grateful that I had a friend there to cheer me on and make the drive enjoyable. I'll put up a full race report shortly!
Spoiler: I finished the race, but it took me about four minutes longer than last year.
While I was at my race, Matt drove down to Miami for his first paddle race since getting injured. (He bruised a rib during a surf-session about six weeks ago and had to take time off to heal). The race had both 5k and 10k options, and he chose to race the 5k. It was the perfect comeback for him - he was able to go all-out without any pain and came in first overall for the 5k. 
We decided to spend Saturday evening relaxing. We watched Transcendence, which I really enjoyed except for one major plot-point: the terrorists who cause the main conflict of the story end up being accepted by the "good guys", and no one ever tells them, "None of this would have happened in in the first place if..." Otherwise, I found the movie interesting and entertaining.
I liked the moral questions this movie raised about AI, technology, and our treatment of the earth, but it wasn't pedantic or preachy at all. Plus, Johnny Depp!
After the excitement of Friday and Saturday, it was nice to relax most of Sunday. I'll be starting my run-streak tomorrow, and I hope to start making the transition back to running in the mornings. That means an early bedtime and a 4am alarm...Gotta love this summer weather!

What did you do this weekend?
Do you change your running routine when hot weather arrives?
Would you want your brain copied into a computer so you could live forever?



  1. You guys had a full weekend! Your friend's wedding looks so beautiful. Congrats to you and Matt for races well done!

  2. Way to go on finishing the Shark's Tooth 10K again! A nice stress-free race sounds like a great way to ease into your run streak.

    I don't change my short run routine at all during the summer, but I do get up insanely early for my long runs. I remember at 3:45am a couple of times last summer when my long runs were really long. That's one part I'm not really looking forward to this year... although the guilt-free afternoon naps are nice :)

  3. Was your bib number 312 for that race?? I geeked out when I saw that - 312 is my lucky number. It is my birthdate and I've always been kind of obsessed with all forms of that number! It makes me sad to hear that the best number in the world didn't come through for you on race day, but I'm proud of you for getting out there and getting it done even when it was hard.

    Congrats to your hubby on his race too! Our summers aren't nearly what yours are, but I do get up a lot earlier to do my long runs on weekends when it starts to get muggier out.

    1. It was! I like when my bib numbers can create a math problem, so I was really happy with 312! I actually think it did help me stay positive and keep going when I wanted to quit.

  4. Great job on that race!!!
    Love the pictures from the beach wedding!!!
    I just told my oldest son that he would probably like that movie - he is convinced that "they" are watching us all the time and even though he loves technology thinks there are risks involved.

  5. I've never been to a beach wedding - would like to one day! Do most Floridians hold their weddings there? Nice job on the race! I had no idea there were paddle board races - neat!

    1. Many Floridians do have beach weddings - they're way less expensive and very beautiful. But I personally don't love them...I wanted an indoor wedding because air conditioning was VERY important to me haha!