Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweating in the Classroom

As excited as I was to sign up for this weekend's half, I wanted to wait until I'd had a post-Ragnar run to see how I was feeling. I know that sometimes our legs feel strong enough, but then the first run after a big race is shaky.

Not so this time! Matt and I had a great evening run on Tuesday, and without even trying we pulled off negative splits with a sub-9 third mile.
Boom! I signed up for the race immediately after this run.
I added the Ragnar mask to my car. As someone who was once a hater of bumper stickers, I've got quite the collection going now.
It's like a secret high-five to other Ragnarians!
I realized this week that I forgot to post this picture and I really love it, so I'm posting it. Because this is my blog and I do what I want!
Meg, Margie, and me after our massages.
Our Spanish teacher has been doing T25 in her classroom after school, so on a whim I joined her Wednesday. Seriously, a group of teachers working out in a classroom to ridiculous music? How can cross-training get any more fun? Plus, working out at school with friends is a great way to stay accountable!
Who knows, maybe I'll finally get an 8-pack.
We did cardio and legs Wednesday, then the ab video Thursday. I'll do another run Friday, and the half is Sunday.
Hilarious. This workout is 8x harder because we laughed through the entire thing.
We don't have solid plans for birthday celebrations yet. It's a long weekend, so there may even be time to go home and see my mom to celebrate. (We share a birthday!)

In other news, remember Lauren Fleshman's infamous blog post highlighting what real bodies look like? She's at it again, presenting a challenge to women to post the photos of themselves that they hate. The photos that show them in a less-than-perfect light.
Click for the article.
The idea here is that our bodies are wonderful, strong, and powerful. They can take us great distances. They are amazing. The fact that we spend so much time hating on them is unfair. Posting unflattering photos is meant to be empowering. It to says, "Screw the beauty magazines! Look what my body can accomplish!"

So here are two of mine.
Overtaking my final kill last weekend at Ragnar.
Enjoying a nice paddle with Meg.
What's perhaps the saddest thing here is that I don't really like any photo of me, ever. I never think I look the way I "should". But my body is strong. It does amazing things. I'm grateful for the body I have, and I've learned to love it and appreciate it, even if I don't always love how it looks in pictures.

More importantly, I love it in real life.

I challenge you to join the movement.

How have your workouts been this week?
Do you like how you look in photos?
Have you ever tried P90X, Insanity, or any of those other programs?



  1. I am so excited for your half this weekend! I love LF and I think this is a fantastic idea!!! I can totally appreciate working out and a classroom it is truly hilarious... The only problem is that we do yoga and I would feel very inappropriate if I just started giggling LOL. (Although we have had a few giggles) ;)

    1. I'm trying to design some goals for this race, but I'm just excited to run it. My head isn't focused enough to set goals lol!

  2. I was so inspired by your Ragnar post that I've already started recruiting friends / friends of friends / people I barely know so that I can do it too :)

    The classroom workout picture is too cute! I just heard about T-25 for the first time this week. I did a couple of the 30 Day Shred videos last year, but I can never really stay committed to video programs. I'm not sure what it is about them... I guess they're just not my thing. Maybe if I had some fun coworkers to do them with I could get committed!

    1. If you form a Ragnar team, I am so tempted to tell you to invite me! But it IS expensive, so I might need to wait a little bit haha. You'll love it, though!!

      And yes, having people there to workout with makes commitment much easier.

  3. T25 is no joke! I have been doing the videos (I usually do 2 of them) on Saturday mornings as a way to avoid the gym. That's so fun that you ladies do it in the classroom. Your Ragnar pictures make me want to do one so badly!

    Also, you look beautiful in both of those pictures! If I saw those, I would absolutely never think, "Oh my, those are awful pictures." You look strong and healthy and glowing.

    1. Isn't it amazing how harshly we judge ourselves, but would never be that mean to someone else? I need to start living by "if I wouldn't say it to someone else, I won't say it to myself".

    2. I can't help but agree with NotRachem. Great photos that show you kicking ass! I've got plenty of pictures of myself I don't like but I've never hated on all of them. There are definitely some that make me think, "Damn! I'm adorable."

  4. You are brave! I don't know if I have any photos I hate of myself because I delete all of them! ps. When I push my stomach out at the end of the day I look pregnant!!!

    1. I have the same crazy extendable stomach!! It's good to know that even a super fit lady like yourself can create that illusion.

    2. Yup, every night before I go to bed I could pass for like 4 months prego. The food has to chill somewhere for awhile, right!? Also, I think you look really STRONG in that paddle board pic.

  5. This may be a long comment, fyi :)
    1. Congrats on your awesome run! That is super awesome about your time on mile 3!
    2. I love that you do T25 at school with your co-workers! Those videos are hardcore!
    3. I am confused - do you have a race this weekend or did you sign up for a race on the weekend of your birthday? And when is your birthday?
    4. I saw your post on IG and what you thought your body looked like and I just have to say I do not see anything wrong with this photos. Your body is amazing and strong. You can do amazing things with it. You are a fabulous lady who kills it everyday with her fitness regimen! Plus, I love your honesty. You are truly an inspiration for all women Ali!

    1. I signed up for a race THIS weekend...which is my bday weekend! (My birthday is Feb. 15 and the race is Feb. 16).

      Posting the photos made me think of your no-makeup challenge. The things we judge ourselves on are often things no one else notices!

    2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI!!!!!! I hope you are having a fabulous birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)
      Good luck on your race! I can't wait to read your recap! All your races are getting me super excited *wink wink nudge nudge*

  6. You look great in each of your photos! Remember when you weren't sure about paddle look strong in the picture above!!!

    1. I hope I haven't lost my confidence with SUP...I've been off the board all winter. When it starts to warm up I'll need to get back out there!