Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Week in Pictures

Ah, midterms. I seriously can't believe we're basically halfway through December...and halfway through the school year. I know you've all probably had enough of this, but I just can't wrap my head around it:
Double brag: temperature and MPG!
Actually, today was cooler again. I'd like to have the same kind of crisp, frosty run I had on Christmas last year, so hopefully it continues to cool down.

Earlier this week, I had a very sweaty run and my lifetime miles on Nike+ hit an interesting number. Talk about a great way to get back into training!
So drippy!
If only I had run one more mile...
Every year, Matt and I get a new ornament for our tree. This year, I cheated and got a special one just for myself:
This is my first official "only mine" ornament! I couldn't have picked a better one!
Archie was super excited when it came in the mail. Like the cat he thinks he is, he loves all things box-shaped and cardboard:
"Open up so I can be in you!"
Matt and I had Outback last night. I'm a tricky customer at Outback; a friend of mine who worked there in high school taught me how to order an actually healthy salad. You get the Caesar, but ask for the Tangy Tomato dressing. (I get mine sans croutons and with shrimp.)
Outback always has the best coasters. Is that a weird thing to notice?
On a less upbeat note, Archie's been feeling sick today. Birds have evolved to hide illness, so when they're actually showing it, it's pretty serious. He's been sleepy, too weak to fly, hasn't been eating, and is throwing up. We're keeping him warm and set up a "hospital cage" for him.

Very few vets take care of birds, and the avian vets in our area are busy; we're hoping to get him checked out tomorrow. (We spent hours calling around tonight.)
Keeping warm on the heating pad.
Sleeping in his hospital cage.
I know it seems silly because he's not a traditional pet, but he's our little guy. We're as close to him as I've ever been to my dogs. Seeing him sick is terrible.

Are you a picky orderer at restaurants?
When is the last time you got a new ornament for your tree?
It's almost Friday! Any fun weekend plans?



  1. It's not silly! He's your baby! I'm sending you lots and lots of healing thoughts!

    1. Thank you!! He really is my baby. I feel weird saying it but it's so true.

  2. Aww, here's hoping Archie makes a speedy recovery! Big or small, our pets are our special buddies and it is sad to see the sick or uncomfortable. I really try not be be picky at restaurants but I think sometimes it comes across as I am ( I ask a lot of questions about the food). I try my hardest to NOT buy anymore Christmas ornaments. I went overboard for years with Christmas ornaments!

    1. I'm new to Christmas so it's fun to finally have a tradition I can follow!

  3. I'm so sorry Archie is not feeling well. It's not silly to love a bird. I never had one, but my in-laws did and they loved that guy! When they went on vacation, they would call home and talk to him over the answering machine so he would not get bored. I hope you get to see a vet today. You're being good parents, getting him all comfy :)

    1. Oh my gosh, was their bird big? I'm not sure how Archie would take to recorded voices, but I know larger birds can get really lonely and pissy if they're left alone too long!

  4. Sorry about Archie! Hope he gets better soon!

  5. Poor Archie! I hope that you're able to get him to the vet today and he's back to his usual self in no time.

    Also, 96.1 mpgs?! I didn't even know that was possible!

    1. We had an appointment but Archie was doing better this morning - eating and drinking, chirping, flying a bit - so we canceled. He's still super sleepy but we're thinking it's a cold that will run its course soon.

  6. I hope Archie is ok! And congrats on all those miles!

  7. Hope your little man is feeling better!
    Are those miles just from this year???

    1. He's back to his usual self, thanks!

      Those are my lifetime miles...I haven't done my yearly count yet!