Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Run

As I've said many times before, I really love running on holidays. Despite going to bed so late on Christmas Eve, I was up for an 8am run today. A cold front blew in overnight, and I had the fresh chill of the morning, the sun, and various wildlife as my companions.
Last year, I encountered a deer not five feet from me before I even left my parents' street; I hoped to spot some today, too. Sure enough, just as I was leaving their street, I crossed paths with half-a-dozen deer.

There were three near the turn to exit their street (in the background by the sign) and three right along the preserve as I came round the bend.
I stopped for pictures; I should have taken them as I walked past, but I didn't want to spook them. Seeing them really set the tone for this run. There is just something magical about seeing these calm, peaceful, silent creatures in the early light of day, when no one else is around and the chill is biting into your skin.

It takes my breath away.

I walked by them, giving them a wide berth, and they disappeared just as calmly into the preserve.
Standing on a bench near a viewing station, this is the view of the marshes in the distance.
My parents' community is home to quite a few mini nature preserves. While I didn't see the gator on this run - although I looked! - I did stop to take some photos of one such preserve, a few anhingas, and the view itself.
An anhinga suns itself in the trees.
An anhinga and a few herons near the water's edge.
I just did a very easy four miles. My legs felt really lethargic. It seems like this is going to have to be an easy recovery week after pushing myself this weekend.

I came back from the run refreshed and ready to spend the day with family. Matt's mom graciously bought me a ton of new workout clothes for Christmas, but I need to exchange some sizes, so the review of those will have to come later. The most exciting fitness-related gift at his dad's was this:
I can't wait to begin using it!
Now, the daunting task of reviewing the year awaits. I'm really excited to look back, but that means 2013 is officially coming to an end. How is that even possible?!

I hope Christmas was good to you all this year!

Did you have a good Christmas?
Did you run today?



  1. I love seeing deer on a run. I actually see more when I run on the road than when I run on the trail.

    1. I rarely run trails, so I can't really draw a comparison...but I see tons more deer on golf courses than anywhere else!

  2. You saw Deer on your Christmas run? How perfect! The only wildlife I saw was one squirrel. :) A couple of years ago when I was running late afternoon (Nov) in the trail I saw a big deer just standing there. It kind of spooked me so I ran away as fast as I

    Those pictures are beautiful!

    What does a fitbit do? I've never used one.

    1. I know deer are harmless, but they make me REALLY nervous up close! They're so big! I try not to provoke them haha.

      FitBit helps monitor activity, eating habits, and sleeping habits. I'll write a little review tomorrow!

  3. Looks like an awesome, peaceful run. I kinda, sorta planned to run on Christmas but ended up waking up 30mins before we needed to leave the house (oops).

    Can't wait to hear your review of the Fitbit Flex. Last year for Christmas Adam and I got Jawbone UP bands and they were really, really cool until they broke. Multiple times. Eventually I just got tired of dealing with their customer support team and we stopped using them. If the Flex works well maybe we'll jump back on the bandwagon!

    1. I'm excited to try the FitBit, but I have a feeling I won't get really into it until the new year. It's hard to just start mid-season with such hardcore monitoring!

  4. My friend received a Fit Bit and loves it! She is obsessed already! It's so funny!!!
    I can't believe 2013 is ending....crrrrrrazy!
    Happy Holidays :)

    1. I'd love to hear why your friend like her Fit Bit so much! I'm still adjusting to mine and learning how to use it!

  5. I love that 52 degrees is cold for you ;)
    Merry Christmas Ali! :)