Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scenes from the Run

On Friday, the Rays had their longest game ever in franchise history...18 innings.
We were there the entire time. (Well, Matt was there; I was sleeping in the car by inning 14.) We didn't get home until 3am. Needless to say, I didn't wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Saturday for my long run. I had been mentally preparing myself for this long AM run, and missing it really threw me off and wreaked some mental havoc. I decided to try to salvage it in the evening.
I'm such a rebel.
This didn't go as planned. There were quite a few factors that led to the run being pretty damn awful; it was the first bad run I've had in awhile. I don't want to get into all the factors, but the most detrimental was that the top of my foot started hurting again. I had to stop to retie my shoes multiple times, and ended up cutting the run short. Really short.

(I stopped taking the NSAIDs for a couple days because my stomach was just not happy, but after the pain came back yesterday, I went back on them. Frustrating.)
I passed at least a dozen deer on the run.
But the bright side was that I got to enjoy the golf course and beautiful scenery of my parents' neighborhood, so at least there was that.
I also passed quite a few squirrels who were not at ALL afraid of me.
 I had taken the golf cart out earlier to scope out drinking fountains, but only found two. I'd left my fuelbelt at home, a terrible mistake for a potential 18-miler, but thought I could make due with just two water stops if I was strategic about reaching them.
Part of the path I ran. The fun thing about running golf courses is that you get some hill work in there, too!
Unfortunately, I wasn't strategic. Carrying my Chomps was a pain because I didn't have the fuelbelt, and they all melted together and were hard to take. Plus I had to wait to hit the drinking fountains to take them, so my timing was totally off.

I was sluggish, dehydrated, and nursing my foot. (And don't get me started on the stomach issues I dealt with yesterday.) So, yeah, not at all a good run.

I'm hoping this foot pain was just a fluke, because the more rest I need to take, the less likely I'll be able to run the marathon in November, and I'm starting to worry it's not going to heal in time.

But at least I got out there. This week can only be better.

How was your long run this weekend?
How do you come back from a rough run?
What kind of wildlife do you see on your runs?
Is it fall for you yet? It's still in the 90s and humid here. I can't wait for a break in temperature.



  1. I'm sorry your run was not good :( I hope things cheer up for you this week!

  2. You still ran and that is what matters!
    I hope you will be able to run your full because you ARE working hard!!
    Stay positive girl!
    Sending lots of thoughts your way! YOU GOT THIS!!!

  3. The mental aspect is such a HUGE part of running. I think because your original plan for this run got thrown off by the late end to the game, it really affected your overall run. When we start out strong and things start to go wrong, we can usually over power them, but when we start off on the wrong foot every time something goes wrong it just gets us down further. I think, pending your foot, your next long run will be way better than this one (I know it!).

  4. Those are tough but everyone has them! I actually like when I have a rough run (after I'm home!) because I think I learned something from it and the next one just HAS to be better - so there's a lot of hope!!! Here's to your next run!

  5. What a gorgeous spot to run in! I know how a bad run feels, but at least you're clocking your mileage. I'm pregnant so my running has truly decreased, but I just bought a running support belt and I'm ridiculously excited :D

    You're doing awesome, your next run will probably feel better for ya!