Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Thoughts

Thanks for all the well-placed pants-kickings on my last post! I had a really fantastic night run on Tuesday; sometimes I need to remember that just because my run didn't get done when I wanted it to, it doesn't mean the entire day is busted. Night runs count, too.

Still, I'd like to get back into taking care of my running in the morning. I have a long run planned for Saturday AM and that should get me back on track for morning runs (I hope).

Today's post is dedicated to happy thoughts.

1. Breakfast for dinner. I spent all of Saturday torturing myself by watching Man vs. Food and Bizarre Foods and other Travel Channel food-related shows. I'm a masochist. By the end, I was craving breakfast. I texted Matt to bring home the bacon - literally - and we had a huge brinner at sundown.
Breaking the fast the right way.
2. Typical Archie, claiming his best perch to preen and be the biggest (and cutest) inconvenience possible.
He's lucky he's cute.
3. The perfect Harry Potter-themed pep talk EVER.
She's speaking my language.
4. Grits and peaches...Who knew this was the perfect combo and pre-run meal?!
Utterly delicious.
5. A fantastic evening run over my favorite bridge. Last time I ran the bridge I had to stop halfway because of the heat. It's cool enough now that I was able to run it twice on a five-miler. My legs were so excited to be outside in "cool" weather that they just took off; the run was just the right amount of challenging, liberating, and fun.
Post-storm, 75-degrees. Perfection.
6. Sneaky students. They've been making these loom bracelets for each other and distributing them in class. Just as I admonished a student for being a distraction, she held up a baggie with a bracelet inside, marked just for me. "But I made you one!" Well played, kid.
It even matches my running shoes!
7. New Bic Bands! These things NEVER slip or pinch! I'm so excited to try a slightly thicker band, and I love that the polka-dot one will match anything! And who can say no to hot pink animal print?
7. Heather's awesome and humbling shout-out to me (specifically, my post for Suicide Prevention Week) during her half marathon, as seen on her blog.
Seriously awesome. Check out her race recap at
 Also making me happy this week? 8. One of my best friends (who I've known since I was three and who was one of my bridesmaids) just got engaged, 9. I'm going to a Rays game with Matt and my brother Friday, and 10. I get to do my long run this weekend at my parents' house, where the paths are gorgeous and never fail to inspire.

Bonus #11? Lots of new music! I had to wipe my iPhone, so now my playlists are fresh and new! I can't wait to listen to them all.

What are your happy thoughts this week?
Do you like breakfast for dinner?
Were you ever a sneaky student who knew how to play the game? (C'mon, mischief-makers, share a school-day story with me!)



  1. I love love love breakfast for dinner!!

  2. I was not a sneaky student. Both of my parents are teachers as is my grandma and pretty much every person in my family. I was taught to respect teachers and was too afraid of authority to break rules. But my boyfriend was. He can get himself out of anything. I didn't know him in high school, but the stories he tells me make me cringe for the poor teachers' souls. Now, I have witnessed him get out of THREE speeding tickets, two of which he was going 15 MPH over the limit. It pays to be an EMT, I guess.

    I'm so glad you had a great run! Night runs totally count. I'm too much of a scardie cat!!!

    1. Even the best students can be sneaky...I was definitely a goody-two-shoes, but I had my days ;o) lol Sounds like Boyfriend is a good one to have around when you're in a jam!

  3. I wore that pink zebra BIC band at DIVA last weekend (except I got mine from our grocery store Korger- sshhh don't tell). LOVE 75 degrees when running. Seriously best ever. Congrats to your friends on the engagement... I have one I'm currently waiting on right now!

    1. Your grocery store sells BIC bands? That's kind of awesome. My favorite running weather is 65, but 75 is WAY better than 90!

  4. I specifically never have breakfast for dinner *because* I love it so much. In fact, to keep it super special, I rarely have a full breakfast for breakfast. Usually I just have a bagel, sometimes not even toasted, so as to elevate toasted bagels to their proper level. Also, I am lazy and while I don't mind cooking I absolutely hate loading the dish washer. Cooking eggs means having to load big pans into the dishwasher and buttering a bagel means I have to throw a knife into the dishwasher. Yes, I am literally this lazy ... how I ever became a runner is a mystery to me! So instead of making breakfast I save its wonders for the very rare occasion that we go out for breakfast! :)

    Grits may be the exception, I can usually dig deep and find the motivation to clean some bowls in order to eat my grits.

    1. I love the depth of this reply...Breakfast for dinner is a big conversation starter! We used to make waffles every Saturday, but we rarely go all out this way. I agree on dishes: worst chore EVER.

    2. haha, sorry for the overshare on my breakfast habits :)

    3. lmao no, I loved how much you clearly have thought this through hehe

  5. I love the Harry Potter reference!!! That was awesome!!!
    I was so surprised to see my picture! :) :)
    Also our store just recently starting selling the rainbow loom kits! I can't wait to get a bracelet!

    1. The HP reference was perfect.

      You definitely added cheer to my week!!