Sunday, July 14, 2013

Marathon Training Weekly Report (MTWR)

Anyone else go to a college that used MTWRF when designating class schedules? It's kind of nice, because that's one wordy title, and I'm thinking I'll be able to remember the abbreviation easily.

Let's take a look at my first week of training...And can I just begin by saying that I'm really proud of myself? The week wasn't perfect, but I committed. And for the first time ever, I've undertaken a training plan and dedicated myself to following it.

There is no one else responsible for my success or failure. In fact, I refused to let Matt come with me on today's long run because I wanted to prove to myself that I could get up early and run farther than I've ever gone on my own.

Plus, I got myself up and out of the house by 6am even though I was busy all weekend, my sister was in town, and my mom met us today for a fun day of shopping!

New Puma running shorts? Thanks, mom!

Here's what the week was supposed to look like. (The original plan has Saturday/Sunday flipped from how I plan to work them, so I've edited the schedule to reflect that.)

HH Intermediate plan.
This week I was off by a few days because I technically started on Monday. I know next week will be off because I'll be traveling, but I intend to get in as many runs/workouts as possible. Here's what this week actually looked like.

Sunday, July 7
Monday, July 8
XTrain. 10 mins stair-stepper, 5 min elliptical, 5 min rowing. Chest press (25 lbs), 2:20 plank, leg press (50), hip abductors/adductors (70)
Tuesday, July 9
3 miles. Rained some of the time, but was very muggy the rest. 8’55, 9’36, 9’53.
Wednesday, July 10
5 miles. Treadmill. Felt pretty tired/not all there. Kept the MPH between 5 and 5.5 for miles 1-4, then upgrading to 5.6-6 for the last mile. Splits: 10’23, 10’04, 10’05, 10’00, 9’47
Thursday, July 11
3 miles at pace on treadmill. Started off maybe a little too fast and had to slow it down at the end. Was feeling lightheaded. 9’54, 9’14, 9’14. Followed by leg press (35lbs x 20 rep) and hip abductors/adductors (55 lbs x 20 rep)
Friday, July 12
Saturday, July 13
Supposed to be XTraining. Instead ran the Beat the Heat 5k, 27:40 PR. New shoes.
Sunday, July 14
7 miles. New shoes. Meant to be 8, but felt tired from yesterday’s run. Foot pain in right foot, and possible beginning of a blister. Walk/run intervals from mile 5 onward. Splits: 9’59, 10’22, 10’39, 11’21, 11’42, 13’11, 13’46

I accidentally forgot that the 5 miler on Wednesday was supposed to be at pace, so I set Thursday's run to be at pace, and I think that helped me in the race Saturday.

Based on today's long run, I'm not sure how the new shoes are working out. I'm looking forward to resting my feet tomorrow so they're fresh for Tuesday and I can reassess how they feel. Why is shoe buying such a pain? (Literally...ha!)

I feel really good about the week. Because of the race Saturday, I knew I'd have to play it safe on my long run. I felt wonderful for miles 1-4. There was a nice steady sprinkle that began around mile 3.

A faint post-sprinkle rainbow.
But after I stopped to eat my Gu and get a drink at the park, I never felt back up to 100%. I adjusted my run and began doing intervals, and took a mile off the end. I was supposed to do 19 miles this week and I ran 21, so I think the cutback today was smart and necessary. Today was hard, but I'm still feeling positive about it.

As for fueling on the run...I don't think I like the Gu Gel. It was easy to carry, tasted good, and was effortless to open and eat. But it didn't give me energy or make me feel strong; I just felt kind of full. Plus, actually stopping to take it/drink messed up my rhythm. But I know learning to fuel on the run is important, so next time I'll try something else.
Next long run, I'll try the Chomps.
This week I didn't let myself stand in my own way. I'm excited to see what I learn next week!

How did your workouts go last week?
What did you do this weekend?
Have anything fun planned for this week?



  1. What a beautiful pic of you girls! I LOVE those pants you have on. Isn't it funny how race training teaches you so much? i just learned this morning that breathing heavily through your mouth seems to attract bigger bugs. YUM.

    1. I'm dying...Just think of the bugs as extra protein! (That's why my science teacher used to always tell us) haha

  2. I was so excited to see this post!!!
    Way to go girl! I can't wait til my weeks are back up in the 20 mileage range :)

    When I was training for my half I experimented with the GU Gels and the chomps! I did NOT like the gels at all. I didn't like the texture and I never felt like they gave me energy. They definitely did not give me the boost I needed. Then I tried the chomps and LOVED them. They tasted so much better, like gummi bears or something! And I felt as though they gave me lots of energy and the extra push I needed. I would take one chomp 15min before my long run and then every 3-4 miles, I would refuel :) Seemed to work! Plus they are great to carry and easy to eat WHILE running!

    You do have to experiment because every body is different :)
    Please update us on what you choose because if you try something other than GUs I would love to know! I am always looking for new things to try :)
    OH, and where did you find ORANGE ones? Yum!!

    1. I'm glad there's hope for the Chomps! I got the orange flavor at Fit2Run, one of my local running stores, but I bet they carry them at vitamin stores, too. I figured citrus would be refreshing! Thanks for the tips on how you eat them...I was wondering how I'd eat an ENTIRE packet! lol

  3. I'm pretty happy about this last week myself (first week on an updated plan) - I ran 25 miles, more than I have in a long long time. Four runs, one swim. And felt good!

    I've tried chomps, a couple of different varieties, and while I liked the taste and the texture, they were too big for me. I ended up switching to a liquid system (Tailwind) for my long runs which has been working well, but I also carry Starburst jellybeans as backup or to have immediately after a shorter intense run. I find them easier to chew and I can more easily control the amount.

    1. 25 miles?! Nice work!!

      Thanks for the tips!...I have a feeling the jellybeans are going to work the best for me because I'm naturally a fan anyway, and they're small and might resist getting melty.

  4. The two runs I actually did were great but the reintroduction of strength training and our elevators being down at work led to some extra strain on my thighs and the need to cancel my weekend long run. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to run today because my left hamstring feels like it might need another day... UGH! Glad to hear your training is going well. I definitely do better when I have a plan and stick to it. I really love the Sports Beans - favorite flavor so far has been watermelon.

    1. I know a lot of great minds in the Sub-30 Club would disagree, but I think an extra day of rest never hurt anyone. Especially if you've just added another element to your workouts. Listen to your body!

  5. That is a gorgeous picture!! Twenty-one miles is fantastic, especially when you were only supposed to run 19. I've never actually fueled during a run, but I probably should start. I think I would probably be able to run farther.

    1. I know for sure that I'll want to fuel during the marathon, so what better time to learn than during training? But I think I'll try fueling on really long runs, not on something like 8 miles when it just seemed to get in the way.

  6. Congrats on a successful first week! I just started training for my first marathon this week -- I'm looking forward to reading all about your training as a source of inspiration :)

    1. Oh yay, another newbie-marathoner! Let's get through this journey together :o)

  7. New follower!! I am training for a half marathon in September and then maybe a Marathon. We will see :) I enjoy sports beans and the gu chomps for long runs!!

    1. Welcome!! I hope you stick around...even if I don't get any updates in while I'm on vacation! I'm definitely going to try the chomps on my next long run. I'm excited to follow your training!