Saturday, June 8, 2013

Runner's World Run Streak: Week 2

Well, vacation is over. We had a few beautiful days, and a few stormy days. Tropical Storm Andrea made an appearance and brought with her quite a bit of rain.
This fellow hung out behind me during breakfast one morning, before the storm got bad.
How do you spend a beach vacation when it's pouring? For one thing, you realize how grateful you are for your state-wide gym membership.
The storm toppled some boats. We don't usually see waves like this in the Gulf!
I love that LA Fitness is always a clean, well-lit, beautiful gym to go to, no matter what city you're in. This one was brand new - they haven't even had their grand opening yet! So the first day of the storm, Matt and I saw my parents for lunch and then got in a nice workout together.
He's so helpful with the post-run-stretching business.
Yes, that's right; we drove around the city in tropical storm conditions. We are those people.

There are some beautiful nature trails in the area, and I was hoping the storm would pass enough that we could run them.
Post-storm sunsets are the best.
Sure enough, Friday was bright and beautiful. The nature trails are partially maintained.
A bridge at the beginning of the trail tapered off quickly into dirt road.
There are some nice little bridges, and a few spots where the dirt road is "paved" with packed sand or shells. But there were some muddy spots and felled trees we had to run through. Obviously our pace was a little slower, but it was such a nice change!

We took a path that led us up some steps to a nice lookout point, and enjoyed a view of the early-morning sun glancing off the water.

 The storm had washed up quite a few starfish.
Of course, I threw back the ones that were still alive.
 We spent Friday lounging on the beach. We had dinner with my parents and brother,
 collected Archie from Matt's mom,
Reunited! I missed this little guy.
and hit the road. We got back late last night.

This is my first successful time working out daily on a vacation! Matt is paddling all day today, so I hit another milestone and went to the gym all by myself! I'm not letting weather of any kind (or social anxiety) get in the way of this run streak.
Mmmm, sweat!
We're back at home-base this week; this weekend we'll be going to the wedding of one of my oldest friends! I've known him since I was three; it's seriously crazy and exciting to see someone you've known since childhood take such a huge adult step! His fiancee is a runner, too, so of course I highly approve of her!

How do you stick to your running schedule when weather tries to stop you?
Does the gym intimidate you?
Do you prefer trails, roads, or indoor running?



  1. The gym doesn't intimidate me, gym classes do. But the ones at my current gym don't fit into my schedule now anyway so I can leave them be.

    The gym allows me to run when the weather isn't cooperating - the main reason I use it. I'll be sad when my husband moves offices (with a gym in his building), I can't afford the membership on my own.

    Trails are my favorite but they're in short supply around my home so roads it is. I run on trails when I can.

    1. I think gym classes would be really intimidating, especially when it's your first time. All those people who already know what to do...that would freak me out a little haha.