Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!

In honor of today, I completed day 10 of the RW Run Streak:

Then cooled down in the pool:

And pampered my muscles in the hot tub:

I am so glad to be a runner. Running gives me mental reprieve when I need it most, constantly allows me to prove to myself all that I'm able to accomplish, forces me to challenge myself, and keeps my body healthy.

For more on why I run, here's some recommended reading:

My mini memoir...the first mile
Addiction and Cure
Burning Up What is False
The Truth About Effort
I'm Not Crying...

Why are you glad to be a runner?
What did you do to celebrate NRD?



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    1. Thanks! I'm trying to take a pic a day for the run streak, but pictures of feet are getting boring. Thought I'd mix it up!