Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to Spring!

A good meal post-run really adds to the satisfaction that said run brings. But before I get to our fabulous Friday-night-start-of-spring-break meal, a brief recount of this week is in order.

Our Tuesday running group did five miles. It's the first time I've done such a long run since the half in January, and it felt good - but also slow and a bit painful. AP was there, and she ran the entire thing! For someone who's only just begun running (I think Tuesday was her third or fourth time), that's quite an accomplishment. Because I haven't done a long run in awhile, I was happy to go slow and steady, and we had a nice time.

The post-run glow is dripping all over us...It was 75 and sunny the entire run.
I know M loves me because he lets me wipe my sweat on him post-run. Oh, and he waits for me at the end with water ready to go.
I took two days off to recover, and tonight a college buddy came to hang out and crash with us before he heads back home tomorrow. I finally measured the loop around the lake at our local park at .3 miles, and decided it was a good place to start my speed-work. I convinced the boys to play some games while I did a short workout.

Nothing like a little corn-hole to start the weekend.
As pretty as the lake path is, it gets a bit redundant, as loops are wont to do.

Not even much wildlife out here today to stop and photograph...I did see a branch that I thought was a heron though.

I tried my compression socks + padded Thorlos and was 100% pleased with the results. No sore arches!
After the run and a quick shower, we brought AO to our new favorite restaurant, Mad Fresh Urban Bistro. We were lucky they sat us; it's an intimate little place with limited space, and they had a pretty big party in the back that was taking priority. But we sat at the bar - which is really the best place to sit if you want a view of the chef at work and some friendly conversation with the servers (one of the perks of this restaurant is that they take the time to get to know you and remember you!) - and were served in no time.

Chef Xavier doing his thing.
As usual, the food was perfection. We love how unique and tasty everything is here; it's pretty incredible to find such eclectic, superb, and authentic food - the kind of thing you'd find in a big city or abroad - here in our little city.
I had the beet salad...bacon, goat cheese, red peppers, artichoke...indescribable.
M and AO enjoyed their flatbreads with a couple beers.
The menu literally states that the chef reserves the right to deny ketchup to anyone over 10. The truffle fries are fantastic.
Overall, a completely enjoyable and welcome beginning to spring break. I hope the rest of it proves to be as relaxing and busy. We have Passover, a visit from KS, and a race to look forward to!

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