Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Next Year in Jerusalem

I really like running on holidays. There's something about it that really helps to focus me, while at the same time giving me something to reflect on during the run. My Christmas morning run was perfect, serene, and life-affirming, a perfect example of what a holiday run can be.

Passover began Monday evening, but it wasn't really a good day for a run. While I am on spring break, I was planning for the Seder all day, and we had our running group the next evening with six miles planned. On top of all that, I've been having some pain in my left hip/buttocks that I'm almost positive is shoe-related. I needed to take Monday off and do my Passover run Tuesday. Luckily, the holiday lasts a full week, so it's hardly cheating.

Seder was special this year. My brother Z moved back from Colorado and was in town just in time to celebrate. S came up from school, my parents drove in, and M and I hosted a family-focused Seder.

Something else made this an especially important year for me. My dad's mom passed away this week, and I was reflecting heavily on the fact that her family line is where our Judaism comes from. It meant so much to have everyone back in town on the heels of receiving that news.

This was the first year I got to use my Grandma's (mom's mom) Waterford crystal that she gave us for our wedding.
The family milling about in the background and taking pics...how many cell phones can you count?
Passover is a holiday of remembrance, of celebrating freedom, and of accepting responsibility for all people who still fight under the hand of an oppressor. It's probably the holiday that I identify with most and find the most relevant to our world today.

Even Archie got in on the celebration...he really enjoys his matzo.
We were too quick for my camera! The flourless chocolate cake was half-gone by the time I snapped this pic.
The run today was a good way to celebrate freedom from bondage. I chose to only run four miles today because of my hip and the race on Saturday. (I feel like an actual mature runner, keeping my injuries in mind!) AP was there, but I ran the majority of it alone, and that was fine. Bright sun, strong wind, 59-degrees, and a peaceful run was just what I needed. I hated every step today, but I'm grateful for the ability to run, the time I have to dedicate to things I love, the people I can share it with, and the freedom it affords my mind.

How can I run this path and not feel totally at peace?
I layered my socks again...but you can barely tell! Talk about matching!
 On a final note, I was talking to KS about the race on Saturday and this really cracked me up:

She thinks an inter-coastal bridge is small for me! Who am I, Superwoman?!
I'm looking forward to a PR Saturday, so here's hoping ice, foam-rolling, ibuprofen, and lots of stretches help get me in tip-top shape. I'm thinking I won't run again this week until the race.

The sacrifices we make for the sport, eh?



  1. A great post- but I had to laugh the hardest about "...basically a mall parking lot." Because there is a run here that is also through a mall parking lot. And it's not awesome.

    1. I love this run! It goes through an outdoor mall, then around to the back entrance where there's a nice road. It's just a super fast road race that's easy to pace because of the landmarks at each mile-marker. It's funny how some parking lots are great to run and others are the worst.