Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Old and New Collide

As much as AP may have hated me during our run at the 6-weeks-to-6-miles group, I was so glad she came! She texted me in the morning to check and see if I was still going; sure enough she really had gone out and bought new running shoes and was planning to join.

AP (pink shirt) and me (blue singlet) on our warm up lap.
I was seriously exuberant! It's so nice to have an old friend nearby, especially if she's going to be interested (semi-interested, even) in running. In fact, it's just nice to have another girlfriend to hang out with.

The road ahead...tree-lined and beautiful.
We've already decided to try to get together Saturday evening for a nice run and dinner.

Also, props to her because she hasn't run since high school or something like that, and she did nearly the entire four miles we ran today.

It was a pretty overcast evening. I felt sore and my legs were really heavy, maybe from the race on Saturday, but I was happy to be back to the four mile distance. My pace didn't suffer too much today, either. Next week we'll be doing five, so if I run Thursday I think I'll need to keep it at four.

Some of the group hanging out after the run.
One of M's paddling friends struck a deal with him that I had nothing to do with. She'll teach me to paddleboard if I teach her to run. She came out tonight and was great, so I don't think she really needs my help, and I'm petrified of the water, so we'll see where this goes.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!



  1. It's always more fun when you have a friend to run with...Blessings sweetie

  2. Love the blog! Had such a fun time running with an old friend! What a great group of people to run with.. I plan on sticking with it! Thanks for getting me involved, I think yesterday was the furthest I've ever run... ever!!

    1. I think the first time I "ran" I did like .25 miles, then walked a mile haha. I am super impressed with you!