Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Reflection On the Off Season

Over the last few weeks, really since my break from running, I've been enjoying a lighter schedule. I'm running no more than three times a week, keeping my runs short, and running in the evenings. All of these things are in keeping with an "off season" mentality.

As much as I liked morning training when I had a hefty goal in mind, I'm liking this whole rest-heavy thing I have going on. With only three runs a week, my longest scheduled race a 10k, and extra time to sleep in the morning, I'm finally feeling like myself again. I'm feeling happier and less stressed. Running is fun again; none of the runs feel like a chore, or just another check-mark on a training plan.

Three shorter runs a week definitely beats the alternative.
I'm not in the best running shape ever, but I'm maintaining, and focusing on short distances and fundamentals - like negative splits - has helped me to improve my pace. All in all, as the first full year of real training slips further into the past, I now can reflect on what an off season should be. And I'm loving every minute of it.

Despite having my new phone, I haven't gotten any on-the-run pictures yet. I'm not yet at a place where I want to pause in the middle of a run to take photos.

Lats night I did a short, nice run around the park with AP. Although I felt like the run was slow, the pace was still sub-10, even with a walk break. So clearly I'm making progress. I'm glad to have sucked another person into running! (I will be running this week with both the iPod Nano + chip and the Nike+ GPS at the same time, to check the accuracy of the GPS.)

Afterwards we went out for dinner and drinks, and we let M come along so he wouldn't starve. I know chocolate milk is good for recovering muscles; what's the word on chocolate martinis?

Mood lifter, muscle relaxer, muscle healer?
I've been doing my exercises religiously, and I'm seeing a big difference in my core. The swaying bridge is my new favorite.

The weekend has been fun, but it's slipped past me. I'm so glad spring break is right around the corner!


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