Sunday, February 10, 2013

DNR + Hot Toddy Heaven

I had my first DNR today.

M and I spent all of Saturday helping his mom move, and we spent some time in the evening with my parents. My dad had just had shoulder surgery, so it was especially nice to see him. We discussed the next couple surgeries he'll be having (knee and toe), and it made me consider what life could be like when I hit 60. Will I need knee replacement or foot surgery due to running stress? Or will running keep my bones strong?

Anyway, by the time we got home, M and I were both exhausted. On top of this, we've both been under the weather all week. I've been on the edge of whatever all my students have, and the congestion headaches, sneezing, and runny nose was just really pushing me over the edge. (Mom sent us home with my birthday gift, plus a couple shots of good whiskey poured into a jam jar - for medicinal purposes. Nothing cures an almost-cold like a hot toddy.*) Of course what also factored in was that I've been taking a break from running anyway.

So Saturday I called the race organizer to see if we could bump down from the 10k to the 5k, and were given the okay. But by 11pm, M and I both knew we needed a day of rest. We opted to skip the race completely.

I've never signed up for a race and then not shown up. I used to be really confused by people who did this. I figured if you spent the money, you may as well run the race. But last night, just the thought of getting up for the race was stressing me out. I understand now how people can say, "Well, the money is going to a good cause anyway. Let's sleep in."

When I say "taking a break" from running, I'm really not foreseeing much past two weeks off. I didn't run this week, and it feels different than the times I accidentally took time off. Meaning, I didn't set my alarm intending to run and then back out at the last minute. I didn't beat myself up for taking the time off. I dedicated myself happily to getting rest and not working about a lack of miles. I was purposeful and proactive in this decision, and it's been working.

I think this is doing me a world of good, and already I'm feeling excited to run again. But I'm not going to get back into it until I'm really feeling free of the hangups that have been plaguing me the last eight weeks or so. When I feel mentally unencumbered, physically well, and have the urge to run again, I'll go back.

I'm coming back to center, back to what I love about running. I need to shake off the competitive stuff because it turns running into a chore instead of a treat. I'm actually thinking I want to edit some of my NY resolutions because they're a little heavy. When every run is about "training", I lose the real purpose behind why I like to run in the first place.

So, I skipped a race today. Instead, M and I went to a young couples meet-up at a park and played cornhole and ladder golf, ate burgers, and met some new people. (Ah, February in Florida...perfect weather!) It was a good day.


*I've included the recipe for my go-to hot toddy here. See steps below.

1. The ingredients are simple, and, as mom pointed out before providing us with whiskey for the ride home (perfectly legal, I tell you), you should always have some medicinal whiskey in the house. Lemon juice, whiskey, and honey are all you need. And water, of course. Some people like to add a tea bag to the mix, but I prefer it without.
2. Bring your water to a boil.
3. While you wait, pour between half-an-ounce to a full ounce of whiskey into a mug.
4. Add between a half and full tablespoon each of honey and lemon. (It's really up to taste. I like a lot of lemon juice.)
5. Add your boiling water, stir well, and enjoy! The finished product should be a light golden color, smell sharply of whiskey, and taste sweet and lemony.

This has been a go-to cold-curer for me since I was a kid. I highly recommend it for everything from sore throats and congestion to full-body aches.


  1. For us it was my grandfather's homemade schnaps in tea.

    Good for you for taking the break you need!