Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekly Report: December 31 - January 6

Only three runs and almost 18 miles? That tells you a little bit about distance, I guess! While this wasn't a great week, I was very pleased with my long run this weekend. It wasn't my fastest or strongest, but it was the first long run I've ever had where I experienced zero knee pain (and I didn't even wear my brace!), ran it pretty much solo (K and I did the first mile together and she waited for me at the end), and was able to complete the run despite forgetting to take my asthma medicine before I went. Plus, I had no residual muscle stiffness/soreness after, even though I had some (normal) quad soreness toward the end of the run.

I loved every moment of the cool, drippy fog and overcast skies. I had a brief rendezvous with a lamppost to stretch my hips at mile 7.5, but otherwise ran the entire thing keeping my posture in check. (I really wanted to try Chi Running but have no clue what it really is yet, so I was just kind of trying to lean forward from my hip joints instead of my waist, while keeping my torso straight.)

Anyway, fair week. Today was our first day back to work from winter break. The NDN Half is in 13 days. Yikes! Only one long run to go!

I think I'm finally feeling motivated again :o)



  1. Hi Ali! We noticed your post and thought we could offer you some helpful resources for your running practice (since the whole ChiRunning technique may still be a mystery to you!

    This blog is specifically about training for distance running and the importance of form and breath. If you have more questions, follow us on Twitter @ChiRunning or like "" on Facebook.

    Best of luck to you, Ali!