Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 Year End Report

2012 was a roaring success. I'm so happy DailyMile sends out these yearly reports, because it puts things in perspective. My original definition of running more "consistently" meant I'd see no more blank months. Clearly, that worked. My two lowest mileage months - May and June - were both months during which I traveled.

Mileage went way up once I started running in the mornings (early August).

I can't complain. Here's to 2013!

Not too shabby!
I don't like to give myself a yearly mileage goal, so my 2013 resolutions stand as they are. I'd just like to have another active, successful year.



  1. Way to go! This is the first time I have a dailymile end-of-year report and I love it! Still have to figure out how to get it posted, though.

    1. I take a screen shot and save it, then upload it as an image. I know you can post the link itself to facebook or twitter, so I bet there's a way to link it in a blog, but I'm not sure how!