Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Bonus to Running

The other day, as I tweeted about my annoyance at missing a day running because we were running-shoe shopping for M, I realized that I am now that obnoxious person who posts to twitter/facebook every time I workout.

There are people out there who complain about posters like me. They see the updates as a brag. Of course, I certainly don't mean them that way. Posting about my runs motivates me to go out there again. I love running, the way some people love trivia nights or shopping. If they can post about placing first at trivia while eating wings and chugging beer, or dropping $50 on a new t-shirt, then why shouldn't I post about my pastime?

The bottom line is that if you see a post about working out as a "brag", your opinion of exercise is clearly that it's not for everyone. After all, why would someone brag about something anyone can do?

But you see, that's why I love running. If you have shoes, you can run. Or, you know, you can start. But outside of the shoes and clothes, there's no cost to running. No monthly payment to a gym, no heavy equipment to purchase.

And there's a bonus to running! I love sports, particularly volleyball, but as an adult, short of joining a league, I don't get to play. Plus, volleyball requires at least 11 other people to get a real game going. Running can be a solo endeavor. You can run for enjoyment, or you can find a race and run competitively, or run for enjoyment in a race!

I never knew that there was like...this secret world of running adults who do more than just run on the weekdays. They sign up for races. They collect bibs. They get medals! Medals. I thought medals and trophies were reserved for high school or professional sports! You're telling me I can earn swag for a hobby? That's awesome!

Talk about motivation.

I don't feel like I need to join anything to be a runner, but I can join if I want. That's a huge bonus of running. I can both be a part of this dedicated group of people, and I can choose to do this by myself. That kind of freedom means that anyone can do it. Looking back at the basis of this post, talking about the things you enjoy isn't bragging. Talking about running isn't bragging. Talking about training for a race, or upping mileage, or taking care of an injury isn't bragging. Anyone can run.

And really, the root of the issue is this: if you hate running, find something you love and get active. Play frisbee, go swimming, ride a bike or skateboard, shoot some hoops. Once you're leading an active lifestyle, you'll be less likely to feel threatened or even jealous of others that are doing the same. Stop scoffing at people who post about their workouts. They've found something to be passionate about. Good for them.


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