Monday, June 24, 2024

A little bit of everything

June has really felt like the longest month ever, and it's not over yet. I think being busy makes certain months seem long, and that's certainly been the case lately.

I finally made a decision on Loch Ness. I completed the first two or three weeks of training, but I was truly just going through the motions. My heart—and mind—were completely disconnected from my runs. I wasn't feeling a sense of accomplishment as I ticked each training day off my calendar, and the more I thought about it, the more the truth became clear: I am just not in the mood to train for a marathon. 
I can train for shorter races with half a heart, but when it comes to marathon training, I really have to be all-in. And I just wasn't. I can push myself through a six-mile run when I'm bored or unexcited, but I can't do the same for 15, 18, or 20 miles.

Once I made the decision not to run Loch Ness, a huge weight fell off my shoulders. I am totally happy and at peace with this decision. I plan to continue to run through the summer so I don't undo all my progress, and I'll keep doing Peloton at work at least once a week, but I am thrilled to not be training for a marathon. 

I've also been busy meeting new people this month. I posted a little while ago that I was trying to make friends again, and I've been fairly successful. Of course, consistency is key, but I'm feeling optimistic. Earlier this month I went thrifting and joined a new group of friends for a couple runs.
I had a couple coffee and brunch dates, and even went to a Third Eye Blind concert, which was truly a highlight of the month, if not the year. I love being at an age where my favorite bands are doing anniversary tours and I actually have the time and money to see them!

Bookish things
The Seattle Library system is down due to a cyberattack, but I was able to get some reciprocal library cards and am back up and reading this month. And I've been spending time on revisions for Project Seaside, too. For a week or so I let the book languish but I'm about halfway through now and getting into the more complicated parts.
It's been a weird experience to do revisions on a manuscript. On the one hand, I'm happy with the changes I'm making. On the other hand, everything net-new now feels like a rough draft, which begs the question: how many rounds of revisions will I need to do before I consider this book "done"?

We've had to deal with some health issues with Zoe this month. In late May she developed pancreatitis and needed an overnight urgent care stay, but she's doing much better. A couple weeks after that, Matt brought her backpacking on a two day, 26-mile hike and she came home with terrible chafing in her armpits from her harness. Poor thing had to wear a t-shirt for a week or so to give her time to heal.
It was adorable, but I felt so bad for her. Now she's doing much better and is back to her old self! We even went hiking later in the month and she was very eager.

I've got my own health things going on, which have been another reason I didn't think training for a marathon was a great idea right now. Something's going on with my gut, and it's hard to run long when you've got no energy, are dehydrated, and never know when your stomach is going to explode. It's probably Celiac-related and I have an endoscopy scheduled for the end of the month, but I'm not exactly hopeful it will give me the answers I need.

House things
I also spent a lot of time this month making small changes around the condo, namely a new rug in the living room, some updated art, and some new plants around the house. I still intend to do a blog series on renovations, but honestly, updates are never-ending! 
Our new and improved dining area.
Our last big project is to put in new kitchen cabinet doors, but I don't anticipate we'll be doing that anytime soon.

Anyway, June has been absolutely gorgeous this year. Typically we are trudging through "June-uary" as we wait for July, but we've had blue skies and warm weather most of the month. I've been enjoying every minute of it, and I'm sure this means we're in for a long, beautiful summer.


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