Monday, March 18, 2024

We're running a half!


I'm not using the royal "we". For the first time in my running journey, Matt is going to join me for a half marathon! We won't run it together since he's much faster than I am, but that's beside the point, which is that Matt's seen me run over a dozen half marathons and wasn't interested in trying himself until a firefighter buddy of his ran one in Seattle. Suddenly, his interest was piqued.

So basically, Matt finally showed interest in running a half, but only after his buddy had done it. Spectating for me didn't inspire interest, I guess. 

I'm giving Matt a hard time about it, but only a little, because I'm really super excited for him to finally join me for a half! The farthest Matt has run was a half marathon relay we tag-teamed in 2019. We had a blast; I don't think he even trained for it and he managed an 8:00 pace!
Still one of my favorite race memories!
Matt's friend was planning to run this one, which is why we picked it, but then backed out because of his own firefighting schedule. By then, we'd already signed up, so we're in. 

I'm not sure what Matt's training plan is for this race. So far he's come out for one run with me, and that was only a 5k. But of course, despite not running recently, he kept an 8:30ish pace with no trouble. He's hoping to finish sub-2:00, and I'm sure he'll accomplish that goal if he actually puts some more miles in.
The race in question is the BMO Vancouver Half. Planning an international race is logistically tricky, even if Vancouver is only three hours from us. On the home front, we had to set up pet-sitting for Zoe because Scott and Robby will be out of town the weekend in question. (Done. Zoe is going to enjoy a weekend with her favorite park buddy, Marlowe!) Matt's new shift falls on that weekend, so he has to do some overtime to merit off the days. (In progress.) 

Beyond that, we had to find a place to stay, and this marathon is apparently a huge freaking deal so hotels are booked up already and super expensive. Luckily, we found a great Vrbo walking distance from the Canada Line, so we're planning to take the train to the starting line in the morning. I'm anxious about the logistics but I figure it will be good practice for if I decide to run Loch Ness this year.
I have a few virtual friends who live in the area and run this race, so I'm hopeful to meet some of them in person. 

As for the course and my training plan, the route starts with a nice downhill but then features rolling hills and a final uphill push in the last half mile. It goes through some really beautiful areas, including Stanley Park, and I'm looking forward to a well-supported, visually interesting race. Race day is May 5 – yes, Cinco de Mayo – so I only have about 7 weeks to train. For some reason I thought I'd have more time since the February half-that-wasn't, but I'm in a better place mentally with this timeline for some reason. 
I am running hillier routes at least once a week and I'm determined to get my long runs done. The weather is taking a nice turn, so I shouldn't be deterred by snow or ice. Maybe just heavy rain. If I can avoid getting sick and just sticking to my plan, I'll be ready for a pretty solid, enjoyable race in May.

My biggest concern at the moment is my leg pain. I'm still having some shin and foot pain in the first mile or so of my runs, so I got a new pair of shoes and we'll see if they make a difference.
I don't love the blue but they're last year's model so I didn't have a lot of choices.
I'm excited to have a race weekend away and to run this one with Matt. I'm glad he finally agreed to run a half with me, even in a sort of round-about way. I'm taking it as a win!


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