Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Three years on

It's been three years since Matt and I moved to Seattle and I still feel it was the best decision we've ever made. After three years, the shock that we actually did it, that we truly picked up and basically started a whole new life, has worn off a bit. Now Seattle feels like more like home than an adventure.

Bye, FL!
So, three years in, I wanted to share some things I truly love about our new city.

The outdoors. This has to top the list even though it's been said a million times. I just can't get enough of the trees, the hikes, the parks, the green. There is so much variety. Florida has its beauty if you like the beach, but it's hard to appreciate when you're constantly battling bugs, heat, and humidity. I had truly forgotten I loved being outside until we moved here.

The weather. Obviously I can't mention the outdoors without mentioning the weather. Not only do we have seasons, but we get the best of each one. Summer isn't too hot; winter isn't too cold. I feel like Goldilocks over here!

We have the most beautiful summers I've ever experienced, with cloudless blue skies, blooming flowers, and temperatures that generally don't creep too far past 79°. Do we get rain? Yes. Do we get sun year round? Also yes. Plus just enough snow to keep it novel and fun!

Entertainment. Before moving to Seattle, I didn't really seek out entertainment. Part of this was due to being a broke teacher with no energy or free time, but part of it was because I lived somewhere where "entertainment" consisted of the movie theater, mall, or beach. In Seattle, we've got choices.

At the Moore Theatre
There are constantly things to do, from live shows and musicals (I finally got to see Les Mis!) to dozens of museums. Farmers markets, random events and festivals, concerts, eclectic shopping. There is always something to do and lots to choose from any day of the week.

Our walkable neighborhood. One of the biggest perks, especially since buying our condo, is being able to walk nearly anywhere. The other day I had to get my flu shot and return an Amazon order. Rather than driving, I walked to Walgreens and then to UPS. The walk was less than two miles total and I got myself a Seattle Pop on the way home.

Lilikoi Cream with a milk chocolate dip from Seattle Pops.
I've read before that when people are nostalgic for college, what they really miss (besides a pretty manageable work-life balance) is living in a walkable neighborhood. I think that's really true. Being able to walk anywhere and start to recognize your neighbors makes you feel like you truly understand and belong in a place. You become a part of the community.

Our place is less than a mile from countless restaurants and coffee shops, groceries, ice cream (Seattle has a lot of local ice cream shops!), bars, shopping, and parks, and walking a mile here is completely doable because you don't break out in a sticky sweat the second you leave your air conditioned home.

Gluten free eating. Generally, the food in Seattle is pretty great, but I have to focus in on the absolute abundance of gluten free options here. I have gotten spoiled. When I traveled to Missouri for work this summer, I realized I'd gotten very used to seeing clearly marked menus with lots of gluten free options.

My birthday cake from Nuflours.

Every restaurant and bar in Seattle has options –  plural – and I've never had so many dedicated gluten free bakeries and restaurants to choose from! I can't get over the novelty of being able to order a professional birthday cake instead of baking one, or pick up a sandwich while out and about.

Lemon raspberry pancakes at Portage Bay Cafe.
 Restaurants that aren't dedicated GF usually have at least three gluten free options on their menus, not counting salads.

Besides everything I've listed, the bottom line is that there's something in the air here that's just so...nice. Life here feels full and easy in a way I don't think I've experienced before. 

I'm the kind of happy I didn't realize could be long-term. Not like, a moment of happiness here and there, but a true, lasting contentment I didn't even know I was searching for. Credit the weather or the food or my new career path, but there's no arguing that three years later, I am absolutely so grateful we decided to make this move a reality.


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  1. I found all this out this summer. It’s everything you say <3