Saturday, July 22, 2023

Mom meets Seattle

Given that it's been three years since Matt and I moved, my mom decided it was finally time to come visit. I know she was a little nervous about the long flight (especially with how chaotic flying can be these days) and coming to the city in general (we've all heard how Seattle has been destroyed in an anarchist uprising and it's basically Mad Max out here), but we finally sat down and chose dates and got her out here!

The visit went really well. I had a long list of things I wanted to show her, especially if this trip ended up being a one-and-done situation, so we had a lot to fit into 4.5 days.

Monday, July 17: Mom flew in Monday morning and I took her to Cafe Flora for brunch. We swung by our old neighborhood so I could show her where we lived, but our landlady was in the yard so I got nervous and just zoomed past! 
Zoe took to her right away!
I brought her to the condo to meet Zoe and showed her the updates we've made. (Yes yes, posts on our renovations are coming...eventually.)

I hadn't been able to fit a "real" hike into our plans, but I figured Discovery Park was kind of a good compromise. We took Zoe and walked the Loop Trail, making sure to get a nice view of the Puget Sound and the Olympics.
Discovery Park
For dinner I took her to Silver Tray Thai, which is this tiny place in Wallingford Matt and I just discovered. The portions are huge and delicious. Mom had her first Thai iced tea and now understands our obsession.

Tuesday, July 18: Matt was on shift Monday, but Tuesday morning he got home and went on duty as our driver/chaperone for Bainbridge Island. We stopped at Eltana for breakfast before getting on the ferry. 
Mom with her Tel Aviv coffee at Eltana
On the ferry. I spy Rainier!
In Bainbridge we had lunch at Doc's Marina and then did some shopping. I was hoping to replace a reading-themed candle I'd bought in Bainbridge years ago but the store was closed, so I opted for a PNW-themed one instead.
The view at Doc's Marina.
After Bainbridge we were beat. We enjoyed some well-deserved naptime, then ordered in from Kamakura Japanese, watched a show, and called it a night.

Wednesday, July 19: Wednesday was our big touristy day. We had breakfast at home and then headed out to the city center for the Space Needle and Chihuly. 
I've never done the Space Needle before and probably won't do it again just because of the lines and crowds, but I'm glad I waited to experience it when my mom was in town. 
Later in the day we had dinner at the Crab Pot, made a detour to Gas Works Park (and saw a surprise performance from the Seattle All Schools Marching Band), and had dessert at Molly Moon's in Wallingford.

Thursday, July 19: Thursday was our final day, and with the big stuff out of the way it was much more relaxed. We had brunch at Portage Bay CafĂ©, then dropped Matt at home. 
No such thing as too much whipped cream.
Mom and I explored Pike Place, where she got to see the first Starbucks and stick some gum on the gum wall...
Now our gum will mingle together forever...or until the next power-washing!
...then the Starbucks Roastery and MOPOP. 
We considered stopping by Expedia so mom could see where I work, but I wasn't really dressed for it, so we just walked some of the Elliott Bay Trail and looped around the front of the building so she could see.

For dinner we made the trip to Duke's Seafood in West Seattle so mom would have a chance to see Alki Beach. I've never eaten at Duke's before but they have a surprising number of gluten free dishes and the food was amazing. I was glad to check another Seattle staple off the list and find it lived up to the hype.
Our trip ended with gelato from Fainting Goat in Wallingford.

At dinner Thursday, mom started talking about "next time..." so I think I can call this trip a success. I'm bookmarking a few things for her next visit, because I'm sure to forget by the time it rolls around, including Seattle Pops, the Arboretum and Japanese Gardens, a real hike with waterfalls, and some of my favorite dinner spots.

I was so happy to share my adopted city with mom and give her a look at our life here and what we love about the PNW. It was a quick trip, a total whirlwind, and I'm exhausted...but so, so happy!

Now the question is, who's next to visit us?!



  1. C’mon people, raise your hands! Ali and Matt are super fun hosts and love their adopted city! You won’t be disappointed!

    1. See, you know it must be good when you're singing this tune!!