Monday, June 26, 2023

I'm baa-aack


In my last training post I was fighting an overwhelming feeling of defeat. June definitely didn't start how I wanted it to, but sometime midway through the month, things began to feel better.

I dove back in to both strength training and running simultaneously. Maybe this was dumb. Maybe I should have focused on running first and then added strength back in once my stamina had recovered. I'd definitely have avoided some intense DOMS! But honestly, jumping right back into my usual routine did wonders for my brain.

I'm definitely not getting back up to 4 miles this month but that's okay!
After I started to feel better post-flu, I fully committed to every workout. I didn't anticipate how important sticking to it would be for my mental health. Like, more than usual. Generally, I don't mind missing a workout here or there if other things come up. But every threat to my June calendar sent me into a panic-spiral. I'd already given up so much! I just wanted to get back into the swing of things and feel normal again!

At first, every run felt hard. Despite doubling my pre-run albuterol dose, my lungs were still really struggling and my legs were tired and heavy. I started by doing two milers with Sarah, and each time we did manage to run the first mile without stopping, but the second mile wasn't pretty.

Even when the runs felt rough, I was ecstatic to be out there again.
Likewise, doing 20 measly goblet squats and RDL's had me limping and massaging some very sore hamstrings.

Then, late-June rolled around and suddenly my consistency (and obstinacy) paid off. My lungs felt noticeably better. My legs could carry me to 1.5 before I needed a walk break. I had energy to tack a couple laps around the track onto the end of my runs. My strength workouts suddenly felt easy, and I felt confident adding reps.

I'd been keeping my runs on the outer loop of Green Lake and doing out-and-backs. On Sunday, I opted to run into the park and do the full loop, which would be a 3-mile run.

Pure. Joy.

It. Felt. Glorious.

An elusive Good Run.

I finally feel like I'm getting back to myself. Four months with no fitness and a lot of mental strain took a toll on me physically, but it's amazing how quickly I've started to feel better. My pants fit again. Just like that.

I'm starting to eye fall half marathons and I'm just so happy to be working out again! I'm going to be selfish for a bit and prioritize my schedule as much as possible, because I want to ride this high while I'm on it!


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