Saturday, March 4, 2023

A change in priorities

Look, I know February is only shorter than a typical month by ~3 days but somehow, it always feels like it's barely three weeks long.


Post-race, I took a full two weeks off. The first week was planned; the second was not. I used the time to create a routine that would support Matt's and my new schedule. His drill school schedule is intense - he's gone about 12 hours a day and all the household stuff is on my plate while he's in academy. I was ready to make some sacrifices to take this on, but it hasn't been easy.

By the third week  post-race, I felt like I was figuring stuff out but couldn't seem to make time (or find the extra energy) for workouts. I did a 3-mile run with Sarah just before the month ended and that was the only workout of any kind I've done since the race.

Last run of February. I'm just glad the snow held off until after the race!

This season is going to continue to be tough, and my priorities right now has to be supporting Matt during academy, taking care of Zoe, and juggling work with household stuff. It sucks, but running and workouts have to take a backseat for now.

To that end, my calendar for March is empty. My goals are to read a book and aim for two runs and one strength workout a week. The days aren't prescribed, and I need to be willing to miss those goals. It's hard to come off an excellent race and make a training decision that is going to cause me to lose some of the progress I've made, but that's life.

I do have some things tentatively planned for March, but my goal is to not over-extend myself!

As always, running will be there for me when I'm ready to make it a priority again.


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  1. It's not such a bad thing to take downtime after a big race. Chances are good that you'll maintain your fitness and be in good shape to ramp up when everything calms down again. Hang in there with the new schedule!