Monday, March 22, 2021

Dress for the Weather (Seattle Winter Edition)

This post is more for my own reference than anything else — often I doubt myself when getting dressed to run, even if I know from experience which outfits will work best in any given weather. Logically, I may know that anything over 50° calls for shorts and short sleeves, but my Florida-brain thinks anything under 60° calls for tights and long sleeves.

I hope writing this post will help me believe my own experiences, and when next winter rolls around, I'll be able to reference past outfits so I don't spend weeks trying to reinvent the wheel and discover what works for me.

Low 30s/snowing: A pair of fleece-lined, water repellent leggings kept my legs warm and dry. I also layered one of my heavier long-sleeved tops (a Watch Me Go) under my Vintage Chic quarter zip and my core felt perfectly comfortable. I wore my normal gloves; while my fingers were cold, they did warm up toward the end of a short run. Of course, a knit cap was a must.
I also opted for a warmer pair of socks, but I can't remember which brand these are. All I know is they're thicker than my usual pairs and worked perfectly.

I'll wear a heavier gaiter next time; I wore a cotton one and it let cold air down my neck. During the run, my face and neck were the only parts of me that were cold!

High 30s and clear: My morning runs in early March were 34° and 37°, and I found my Vintage Chic tights and my new fleece-lined tights were perfect. I tried both my Wonder Wool top (which is very warm but lightweight) and my Watch Me Go with a vest, and both those options worked well.

My mom got me a pair of Trailhead gloves and they were almost too warm on these runs, but the nose-wipe was fantastic!
Not the best picture, but the outfit is clear!
I think what I need to remember for this temperature range is that it's warmer than I think it is; once temps reach 40°, I'm downright overheated in this kind of outfit.

Low to mid-40s and rainy: This weather has been the most daunting for me, because cold rain seems like it'll be...well, cold. The first time I tackled it, I paired my Skirt Sports All-In High Rise leggings with my long-sleeved Wonder Wool top, a windbreaker, knit beanie, and gloves. I ended up being too warm.
A regular long-sleeved top and tights are enough for this weather.
I know now that I should avoid wearing a beanie in anything over 40°, and a short-sleeved tech tee would have been enough under the windbreaker.

40s and clear: Triple Pocket Tights, which are a bit thinner than my All-In Leggings, a short-sleeved tech tee, and gloves do the trick. Wearing a hat in this weather is tempting but ends up feeling too warm.
I've always felt kind of silly wearing gloves with short sleeves, but I totally understand why runners do this now and I have become of a fan of this combo!

50s and clear: Even though 50° still sounds cold to me, it really is warm enough to pop on a pair of shorts and a short-sleeved tech shirt. I wouldn't drastically overheat in thinner leggings or a long-sleeved tech shirt, but I definitely couldn't wear both. By 53°, shorts and short-sleeves are necessary.
Sometimes I'll start with gloves in this temperature range, too. While I often end up removing my gloves in any temperature, it's nice to start with them and then stick them in my pockets as I warm up.

50s and rainy: Shorts, a short-sleeved tech tee, a light windbreaker, and gloves does the trick. I was shocked by how comfortable I felt in this outfit in 49°!
60s and above: The low that used to dictate when it was time to pull out tights is now the temperature that signifies sleeveless runs. A tank top and shorts are totally appropriate for 60°.
Back in tank tops and shorts in time for St. Patrick's Day!
I haven't been warm enough in Seattle to run in just a sports bra yet, but I'm sure there will be some summer days that warrant it.

It feels pretty good to finally have a handle on what I'm comfortable wearing in a state that has seasons. It took me a little while to figure it out, but that's also because I was acclimating to the weather. I still second-guess myself, but hopefully someday picking running outfits will feel like a no-brainer.


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