Monday, December 14, 2020

Zooma Holiday Challenge, Week 4

Week four is in the books! Let's jump right into the recap, shall we?
Is anyone curious what my magnets say?
Movement 1: To start this week, I completed a Peloton arm workout and Coach Marcia's ab workout for runners. The arm workout stayed with me the rest of the week, and the ab workout reminded me that I have been neglecting my core. 

I was pleased to build in some strength workouts this week because I tend to skip them in favor of running.

Movement 2: Despite feeling less than excited about it, I did an easy three miles around Greenlake. Of course, once I was done I felt great. That's always how it goes. It was chillier this week, so getting myself out of sweatpants and into running clothes was a feat in and of itself.

The cold weather and flat route made for a speedy run! I am definitely seeing my paces improve, even on hills.

Movement 3: I took a field trip to use the Peloton and completed a 30 minute ride with way more climbs than I was ready for! I ordered myself a gently-used pair of cycling shoes and they should get here in a few days; I'm looking forward to being able to come out of the saddle correctly.

Movement 4: I planned to run four hilly miles, but Matt was planning to hang out at a new-to-me park, so I joined him. It was by far the coldest run I've done here (41°) but not the coldest I've ever done (39° in Cleveland). I felt pretty good physically but spent the entire run worried I'd lost the path and uncertain about how I'd find my way back to my car.

I got to wear my new hat a friend made me. It's designed so I can pull my ponytail through the back!
The views were gorgeous, winding down through tree-filled valleys and up to beachside cliffs that overlook the Sound, and I'm looking forward to trying this one again when I'm in a better mindset. The trail was definitely hilly and steep in places, so I felt like I got a good workout in.

Movement 5: I finished the week much how I began it, with arms and abs. This time I kept it simple and just completed two Peloton workouts.

Self-Care 1: As usual, I'm doing my nails weekly to give myself 30 minutes of focused quiet time. I actually did them twice this week.

Self-Care 2: On Friday night, Matt and I went to Scott and Robby's to make a latke dinner. I really loved being able to share my traditions with them and feeding people is definitely my love-language, so I was beyond happy.

We've been home to light the candles for Chanukah every night this week. This year I've been trying to get back to my roots a bit, and observing this holiday that celebrates resilience and chutzpah feels a lot like self-care. 

Surprisingly, instead of feeling burnt out at the end of week four, I feel weirdly balanced. I don't feel stressed about getting my "movement" done and I like choosing which days I'll move and what exactly I'll do. I feel like I've gotten into a good, sustainable rhythm; I'm looking forward to continuing!


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