Monday, November 30, 2020

Zooma Holiday Challenge, Week 2

I thought I might struggle this week because of the holiday, but that wasn't the case. Not only did I meet all my goals, but I really enjoyed this week! Fitting in movement and self-care came more easily and felt more natural, maybe because having an event on the calendar kept me focused. I actually knew what day it was every day this week!

Skirt Sister Kate mailed me a hardcopy of the goal tracker. Of course I hung it on my fridge

Nov. 23: I completed the same workout as last Monday, doing lots of squats, planks, and core work. I felt less sore this time around and like how easy it is to start the week with an at-home workout.

Nov. 24: I set a goal to run five miles and got it done! I was especially pleased because it was rainy and cold, but I kept this commitment to myself and enjoyed this entire run.

Nov. 25: For self-care, I baked for Thanksgiving! As this was our first Thanksgiving in Seattle and away from the majority of our family, it felt really important to have a good one. I baked two pies (apple and chocolate pecan) and corn bread, whipped up some whipped cream, and made my mom's signature cranberry sauce.

Given the circumstances right now, having a tiny Thanksgiving felt appropriate. We wouldn't have seen our families even if we had still been in Florida.
Nov. 26: I ran my Zooma virtual Turkey Trot 5k before we went over to Robby and Scott's for Thanksgiving. I didn't break any records (I felt pretty sluggish, actually) but I enjoyed keeping this tradition alive. Matt joined me, and we wore our ALSO Youth Turkey Trot shirts to rep our usual yearly race.

It rained on us nearly the entire run.

Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday because so many of the dishes have hidden gluten, but Robby and Scott went out of their way to make everything they could gluten free. 

Turkey, marshmallow yams, green bean casserole, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner rolls, cornbread, and cranberry sauce. The gang's all here!
We had a relaxing, fun holiday and spent the night, so we spent Friday with them, too.

Nov. 27: I doubled up on movement today, but not really on purpose! I had planned to try the boys' new Peloton on Friday morning, so I did. I did a 20 minute ride with Cory and actually enjoyed it. 

This did not hurt my butt as much as I expected, but my quads were MAD.
The last time I did a spin class was 2005. I hated it and never went back. But the Peloton wasn't so bad and I made a profile on their bike so I can go over there and use it for cross-training once in awhile.

It was a sunny day, so in the afternoon, we all decided to take a walk down to South Lake Union Park. We walked down, played some Phase 10, and walked back.

Nov. 28: Self-care today came in the form of sleeping in and recovering from a week of go-go-go. I also painted my nails.

Nov. 29: Full rest day. Admittedly, I planned to run but felt like I needed another rest day.

I baked another pie (because I had a leftover pie shell and tons of apples) and completed some work things...So in the end I felt productive even though it was another lowkey day. Sometimes self-care is about being an adult and doing the stuff you need to get done.

I didn't have enough crust for a top, so I made a crumble instead. Yum!
This week felt amazing. I loved feeling like I'd accomplished what I set out to do, ticking off boxes and keeping commitments to myself. This challenge is giving me a good reason to set little goals throughout the week, which feels great mentally. I'm ready for week three!


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