Thursday, September 3, 2020

Big News & My Next Race

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me share some exciting news from Skirt Sports. After fifteen years, founder and CEO Nicole DeBoom decided it was time for her to move on to something new. She was ready to sell Skirt but wanted to ensure the company's mission and values were respected by whoever the new owner would be.

Skirt has always been about empowering women, no matter their background, history, size, shape, orientation, color, age...Skirt is about inclusivity and supporting women, period.
A week or so back, Nicole made the official announcement: Sarah Ratzlaff, the owner of Zooma Women's Races, bought Skirt and the two companies have merged!

What originally was looking like a "finish line" for Skirt turned, with the passing of a bright pink baton, into a transition zone instead.
Click to watch the announcement.
I. Am. Stoked.

Seriously, what better handoff could there have been? A race series dedicated to empowering women merging with an athletic clothing company dedicated to the very same thing? It's honestly perfect.
I had been resigned to Skirt Sports closing and stocked up on my favorite skirts, tops, bras, and tights over the last few months. Now, I know more clothes are coming. I know the mission and values of a company I've represented for years are in good hands. I know Nicole's legacy will carry on and continue to change lives.

To celebrate, I signed up for my first race since February. The Zooma Amelia Island half marathon has always been on my bucket list; having left Florida, I don't foresee a chance to do this race in person anytime soon, but I did sign up for the virtual option. I'm doing the 12k because at this point I don't feel motivated to train for a half, but I'm excited to have something to work toward again. It's been a hot minute.
Admittedly, the swag and medal had something to do with my decision.
When I signed up, I used Sweet16 (in celebration of Skirt's 16th birthday!) at checkout to save $10.

This feels like the perfect way to celebrate Zooma and Skirt Sports coming together, and the perfect way to get some focus now that I'm all settled in in Seattle. This will (ironically) be my first West Coast race.

And, honestly, I'm kind of excited to have a reason to blog about running again. It's time to break out my calendar and put together some sort of training plan! Maybe you'll join me!


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  1. I am excited, too! I was sad to think that I would lose access to some of my favorite duds! Even though I don't run, I love the line!