Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Making that Dalgona Coffee Stuff with Drip Coffee

Isolation really brings out the domesticity in people, doesn't it? I guess there's something to be said for boredom and creativity.

I've been seeing Dalgona Coffee all over the internet, as I'm sure you all have as well. Given that we're taking isolation really seriously, I refuse to go out and buy instant coffee when I usually make drip. It seems like a waste of money just to experiment with a coffee I'll rarely drink - I prefer mine black.

But Matt likes cold, sweet coffee and after seeing my friend Kim post her results, I was intrigued. She sent me an article that covers making this frothy coffee with regular drip, so I figured I'd test this method.
I whipped this for about 13 minutes at the highest speed.
From the article, I knew the whipping process would take twice as long and the coffee wouldn't get nearly as stiff as with instant. The first round I tried, I used 2 tbsp each coffee and sugar. The volume wasn't quite enough in the stand mixer and the result was thick but runny.
As you can see, frothy but not thick. I'm using oat milk here.
I made a second batch using 3 tbsp coffee and sugar, and this batch aerated much better; the whisk attachment on the stand mixer had a little more to work with!
You can tell this one clung to the sides of the bowl and the whisk more.
Second batch (left) vs. first batch (rested)
The result was the texture of thick cream - like a melted ice cream instead of a mousse. Think melty marshmallow. It definitely wasn't runny anymore and stuck to the spoon, especially after some refrigeration. The flavor was incredibly sweet and not very coffee-y because I hadn't bothered to make my coffee stronger than usual. Next time I want to play with this recipe, I'll make a small pot of very concentrated coffee and go from there.
The second batch was still pourable, but left a thick layer behind on the spoon. I think melted marshmallow is the best texture comparison.
This was yummy, simple, and fun. It makes plenty of leftovers, which I've refrigerated for use over the next couple days. I also stuck some in the freezer to see if would make a coffee granita of sorts. (The outcome was more like a super soft and sweet ice cream.)
Frozen Dalgona
If you're bored and looking for something fun to make at home, this is a treat, but I'll stick to my black coffee in the morning.


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