Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Spring Break and Beyond

As a lifelong hypochondriac and anxious person, you can bet that I am taking "social distancing" seriously. This week I'm on break, and next week we are moving to "distance learning" for our students. While classroom teachers will be working from home, I will probably be expected to be one of a handful of people on campus.

As of this afternoon, Florida schools are closed until at least April 15, so I don't need to worry about that particular issue at this moment. Phew!

This whole thing honestly makes me really nervous. When I had the regular old flu in January, I could hardly breathe and needed medical intervention (in the form of a Solumedrol shot, nothing extreme). I am really worried about the impact Covid-19 could have on me because of my asthma.

As things are changing daily as far as quarantines and lockdowns go, I'm not going to think too hard on that quite yet. For now, I have canceled the one outing I had planned for break -- Flamingo Yoga at the Wonder Gardens -- and am instead spending my time indoors and avoiding people.
I made my last grocery trip earlier today and even our "weird" vegan foods were running low. The shelves were completely bare of eggs, potatoes, fruits, soap, medication, paper products, and bread. This concerns me. There are people who can't afford to stock up. And really, who knows when grocery stores will get their next shipments in of some of this stuff? 

I'm mostly spending my days catching up on YouTube, trash TV, and reading, and I'm still going on solo runs and doing some at-home workouts. Have I mentioned I've been playing the Sims, too, because why not?
Part of my current reading list.

I'm also trying, desperately, not to online shop myself into bankruptcy while eating all the food I just bought.

Basically, I am used to staying in the house and avoiding people, so right now I feel pretty okay about it. We'll see how I feel next week when work resumes.

I hope you are all staying calm, making smart decisions, and thinking of others. We need social solidarity (at a distance) more than ever right now.



  1. This social distancing is what your Dad has been doing for years. So nothing new for him ;)