Thursday, February 6, 2020

Cautiously Optimistic

I think I may be able to pull off the Gasparilla 15k after all.

Despite a real lack of training in late December/early January, followed by the flu and subsequent diminished lung capacity, I was having my doubts. I put aside any idea of a time goal, knowing that was out of the question, and I changed my estimated finishing time on my registration, thus changing my starting corral.

All of this was kind of risk-management, but I was still feeling pretty hopeless until this past week.
My string of good runs started because Kristina offered to bribe me with a coveted A1A K5 medal if I ran a 5k, and that was an offer I couldn't refuse!
I finally had a week of three good runs, including a "long run" (meaning I actually got up early and ran as if I were training for something) of four miles. On that run, a plan formed in my head.
Morning run glow!
If I can manage a 6-mile long run this weekend and 8 miles next weekend, then by February 22 (race day!) I should be able to run 9.3 miles. Even if it's slow. Even if there's walking. I can potentially see a positive outcome here!

My mindset had to shift. Rather than implementing a training plan, I am instead implementing a preparation plan. There will be no base-building, speed-work, or taper. Instead, I will build my milage so that race day is my longest run of "training", but it isn't a complete over-extension of my current capabilities.
Pictured here: that fateful 5k; my inspirational "long run"; my first run back with Elizabeth; and my plan to get myself to Gasparilla in okay shape.
In short, I'm "training" for Gasparilla the way I used to train for 10ks, where my longest run was somewhere around 5 miles and I hoped adrenaline would get me through the last 1.2 on race day. 

It's not ideal, but it's a plan, and at this point my renewed excitement and determination are proof enough that it's a good one. It will make my performance at this race salvageable, and at this point, three weeks out from race day, that's all I can ask for!
And yes, PS, I sacrificed some distance on a run this week to be able to run with Elizabeth and it was WORTH IT.
Now, full disclosure: I woke up this morning super congested, but as long as whatever I have stays firmly in above-the-lungs-common-cold territory, I should be good to stay on track!

Wish me luck!


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