Tuesday, January 7, 2020

My First Run of 2020

When I ran on December 31, 2019, I earned a "Finish Strong" badge on Garmin and saw, for the first time, that I could earn a "Strong Start" badge if I ran on January 1, 2020.
I was tempted, but opted not to. I planned to run on the 2nd. And then I planned to run on the 3rd. And then the 4th. And then...Well, you can see the pattern.

Every time I planned to run, something got in the way. "Something" was usually trashy TV (I got back into Vanderpump Rules over the break) or writing (trying to) or YouTube videos (god help me). It gets dark so early, and once sunset starts at 5:30, I feel like my opportunity to run has passed.

But I have a 15k in late February and I really would like to run it with some dignity, so I need to be training. And besides that, I miss running. I just can't seem to get myself out of my own head.

I finally went for my first run of the year on January 6. It felt like a good time to start, being a Monday and all. I still nearly wimped out, but Matt's encouragement got me out the door.
I am pathetic.
I ended up running the golf course in the dark. I have never run it so late at night; usually when I go there are dog-walkers and unofficial golfers along the paths. This time was something else entirely.

So dark. So quiet. Total solitude.
It was one of the most mentally refreshing runs I have ever had. It was...cleansing. Emotionally fulfilling.

It was a perfect run to start the year, even if it's a bit late. I don't have any lofty 2020 running goals ahead, but if I can find that same peace and joy in a handful of runs this year, I'll call it a success.



  1. I struggle running around sunset too. Sunrise feels a bit easier, minus the whole getting out of bed thing. I am jealous of a 5:30 sunset time. We are currently lights out at 4:50!

  2. Lights out at 4:50? Where is this?

  3. Congrats on your first run of the year! I ran a 5k on NYE and got my finish strong badge from that, and I wanted to run on Jan 1 but I just needed a break so I took it. That's the nice thing about running, it's always there to come back to.