Sunday, December 16, 2018

My Running Buddy had a Baby!

I know I posted some of this saga on Instagram, but I didn't put it here because I was waiting for Elizabeth and baby to be home safe.

On the morning of November 27, Elizabeth texted me that she was on her way to the hospital.
I am a very supportive and calming influence.
Her due date was December 18, so all morning I was anxiously texting her for updates. Before contractions and labor started, she was texting me about her annoyance that all her maternity plans for her sub - which she had spent so long preparing ahead of time - weren't planned to start 'til January. I was like, why are you thinking about that right now?!

Around 2:30pm she texted me: "He's out!"
Little Tristen Omari was born at 5lbs9oz. He had to spend a few weeks in NICU, at first on a respirator and feeding tube, but soon just on the feeding tube. They came home December 7. I had a bad cold, so I stayed away even though I wanted to visit first thing.
I finally got to meet the little bean last Thursday, when I drove Steybi home from school! He is smaller than I imagined, and so cute. He slept the entire time I visited.
Elizabeth is doing well. Her labor progressed so quickly that she didn't have time for medication, and she hasn't needed any pain killers during recovery, either. Tristen is sleeping all day and up all night, so she's exhausted, but otherwise doing well.

The whole family is adjusting nicely, and I am over the moon!