Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thinking About Training

I scoffed when Matt, in the face of my excitement about running A1A, said, "Can you train for it in time?" But the truth is, I've been barely running three miles a week for about a month now, and so I'm starting from almost-scratch. That means it's time to do some major planning for training.

Volleyball started this week. I love coaching volleyball; it's so fun and rewarding. It is, however, extremely exhausting. This season is going to be shorter but more intense, with double the games. It's hard to fit runs in on game days because of timing. We also have a winter trip planned, so while I plan to run on vacation, the logistics may be sticky...or slippery.
That's right...I finally have an excuse to buy winter running clothes! These are from the Wonder Wool collection from Skirt Sports.
I've never run in real winter before!

Anyway, I've mapped out the next few months with a very slow, easy build-up of miles that will hopefully leave me feeling fairly confident on February 17, 2019.
General November Plan
I plan to use the rest of October to build up to four mile runs again. My real training will start in November. I know I'll need to be flexible, so these specific dates and distances are mere suggestions because I have a very busy November and December; the most important thing will be to add long weekend runs back into my schedule with consistency, and to avoid any kind of overuse injury as I begin a training plan for the first time in over a year.

I hope I'll be a bit more active on the blog, as using it to keep track of my training has always been successful. We'll see what happens on that front!

Right now I'm feeling nervous and excited. Planning long runs, even 6 or 7 miles, is already freaking me out. But I remember that I've done it before, and if I trust the process, I know I'll be able to do it again.


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  1. New training plans are so fun. I'm very happy you get to run this race. When I get nervous to do a new, longer distance I haven't done in awhile, I try to just zone out to a podcast and not look at my Garmin. Then I don't obsess over each mile and worry about when I "think" I will start to feel crappy or hit the wall.