Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Orcas Island - The Wedding!

I couldn't wait to share this post, but obviously the professional photos aren't available yet. That just means I'll get to write a follow-up later on to share more pics!

On July 14, Matt and I arrived for the ferry to Orcas Island bright and early. We pulled into the line and immediately saw that Robby's rental car was right behind us! We had some time to kill before boarding, so everyone popped out of the cars. It turned out quite a few attendants and guests (and Scott!) were taking the same ferry over, so we all kind of mingled while we waited to board.
The 1.5-hour trip over to Orcas was smooth sailing. We didn't see any whales but we got to enjoy the views.
Driving onto the ferry
That skyline though...
Pretty much our first view from Orcas. Beautiful!
We drove straight from the ferry landing to the resort. The boys got married at the Rosario Resort and Spa, which was absolutely picture-perfect and really forced us to enjoy the festivities without distractions because there was no cell service at all. (We had spotty wifi at the actual resort but the surrounding parks were dead zones.)

We ran through rehearsal first. Scott and Robby had three aisles to walk into the wedding, and had to time our walks and make sure we all knew where to stand. I loved this set up - they each walked down the outside aisles with both parents, then met together in the middle. When they walked out, they walked up the center aisle together. Two equal men coming together and leaving as one. The symbolism was beautiful.
After practicing, we had some time to hang out. Matt and I didn't have a room ready for us yet, so we hung out with his dad until it was time for the rehearsal barbecue at Moran State Park. Because this was a destination wedding, everyone was invited!
I wasn't planning to get in the water because it was so cold, but I had bought a new bathing suit just for the lake day, so finally Matt convinced me to hang out on a float. It was a fun way to relax and meeting everyone before the big day.
Matt and his dad testing the water. Verdict: It was COLD
Robby and his dad tending the grill
They kill me
We ended the night with a late dinner in town with Matt's cousin Dylan and his wife Christine.

Wedding day arrived bright and early. Robby's best woman and I were the first two to get our makeup and hair done, so we had to be at the guys' suite between 8am and 8:30. I had been concerned that my hair would be too short for a cute updo, but the stylist did a great job! (I am so forgetful - I didn't get a picture of the back!)
Finished look
I was also nervous the makeup wouldn't last all day, and that the false eyelashes would irritate me. But of course, everything went smoothly! By 10am I was completely wedding-ready above the shoulders.
Robby kept us stocked in mimosas
Dylan and Matt
Copying their vows into little journals for the ceremony
I passed the time reviewing my speech. The guys had asked me to write something about love and acceptance, but I struggled to keep it light. I ended up writing a poem for them. Their friend Paloma was officiating the wedding; she and I had been texting and emailing for awhile to make sure everything ran smoothly. We took some time after hair and makeup to walk up to the wedding site to run through the entire ceremony.
I love this photo
Afterward, I felt super emotional but also very calm. I knew we'd be fine.

Finally, after getting some pre-wedding family pictures, it was time for the ceremony. Everything went so smoothly, and it was just beautiful. I was choked up the entire time. I had to avoid eye contact with the grooms during my reading, and I nearly lost it during their vows. They have just been so good for each other and their love and commitment is so genuine.
To see them so confident and unapologetically together was just...the best thing in the world.
I believe this was caught at the moment Paloma quoted Britney Spears.
With Paloma, feeling relieved and ready to party after a job well done
After the ceremony, we took photos with the wedding party and then walked to the reception site, which was a building on the resort called the Beach House. From there, what can I say? The decorations were sophisticated, the DJ was awesome, the mother-son dances were touching, the food (served family-style) was delicious and all gluten free, the toasts were tear-inducing, and the father-son dance (to YMCA) was hilarious.
They changed into hanboks for part of the reception.
Robby and Scott each had two attendants give toasts. Leighanne, Scott's best woman, delivered the first funny, poignant speech to get the ball rolling.
I pretty much managed to stay dry-eyed until Matt's toast.
They had a Jenga set for us to write memories on to help them "build memories"; so cute! 
We found this photo in one of their displayed scrapbooks and recreated it in their photo booth.
Matt and Dylan gave into temptation and spent some time skipping rocks.
We had a fantastic night. I hope it was everything Scott and Robby were dreaming of. I know it will certainly be an experience they won't ever forget, and it was a beautiful start to a long and happy life together.



  1. So much to say! First, I didn't realize the ferry to Orcas was so long. Would you recommend if visiting Orcas to stay overnight there?

    I love the grey dresses for the wedding and I love Paloma's white suit, like A LOT. What Britney Spears quote did she say???

    YMCA had me cracking up!!!!

    1. I would recommend staying there overnight so you’re not rushed to catch a ferry back. It’s recommended you make a reservation ahead of time and get there an hour before it’s time to depart to ensure you get a spot. Our morning ferry was 10:20 (we got in line at 9:30) and our return ferry was 12:20 (we got in line at 11:30).

      We were obsessed with Paloma’s suit! Matt said she looked like a head of state. She quoted from Crazy I think.

      Both their dads are such was fun to watch them!

  2. Matt has the BEST eyebrow lift ever.