Monday, May 28, 2018

May is Predictable

Last week, rain and evening events got in the way of running. That was okay; I planned to try for my first 5 miler over the weekend, or at least get to 4.5 miles. My body feels ready to increase distance once a week, I think.
One of those evening events was the Best of Bonita. Matt won gold this year for Upriver Ceramics!
Of course, the looming tropical storm threw a bit of a wrench in my plan on Saturday, plus Scott was in town and we went to see Deadpool 2 (which was totally worth missing a run), but by Sunday the weather had cleared and I could've gone for a substantial run. Instead, I was lazy all day.

I finally peeled myself of the couch for an easy two miles just before sunset. Those two miles felt really good. I realized that the stress of the end of the school year had really taken more out of me than I realized. (I mean, I should have known considering I was in bed and asleep by 9pm multiple times last week.)
Having a goal to increase mileage is fine and dandy, but in reality my body needed a rest week. Really, my body needed a rest month. May just always seems to be a hard one for training.

We have two more days of school with kids (including 8th grade graduation!), one more inservice day, and then...summer! I know I'm not the only one looking forward to it.



  1. I guess you guys aren't going to DC this year? This is the last week for the kids too. We go back Mon and Tues. It's mostly "work in your room" time. There's no more work I want to do in my room! and I don't want to plan for next year because honestly all of my focus and creativity is GONE and it's better to plan after I am refreshed from summer.

    1. Oh no, we went to DC but this year I was off the chaperone-hook! I needed a break from the trip for MANY reasons.

      Happy summer break, Megan!!