Saturday, January 27, 2018

Make a Difference: Holocaust Remembrance Day

In observance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I made a donation to our local Holocaust Museum. This museum was started by local 7th graders; survivors, liberators, and volunteers who live in Naples have made it a permanent thing.
For almost 10 years now I've brought my students to this museum during our Holocaust education unit. They see artifacts that can't be found anywhere else because they come from local survivors. They get to meet survivors and hear their stories. The museum also has a "classroom" where students learn about aspects of the Holocaust we may otherwise miss, like Jan Karski and his mission to inform the US about the Holocaust early on.
This year, their classroom lesson was about life after liberation. Students watched videos about liberation, displaced persons, and refugees, and then made connections to today's world and the crisis in Syria.

Holocaust education is paramount to raising thoughtful, engaged, motivated young citizens and activists. Consider doing more than remembering today. Consider making a donation, either to my museum - I'll leave the link here, or to another organization that is doing the important work of building a future where this truly cannot happen again.
In today's current climate, learning the lessons of the Holocaust is more dire than ever. Remembering in silence isn't enough. Speak up, educate, and do what you can to make a difference.


  1. Sometimes on I feel helpless as to what to do. I err on the side of speaking out and if people want to hide me on facebook or tell me they are "sick of talking about politics" well eff you, must be nice to not have to care.

  2. This is really awesome!

    Not related to your amazing cause, but this reminded me that this year, I want to take my son to the African American History museum in Washington DC.