Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 5/22-5/28

The last week of school is HERE! This week always means lots of late evenings and exhaustion, and despite good intentions, this week was totally a bust. I was at work late every day and slept a ridiculous amount over the weekend. But I think I just needed it.

I need to find my motivation as summer begins. The truth is, I've been feeling unmotivated and dejected this week. Even though I know answers are close at hand, I am just in a funk. I miss running. I'm bored of all other workouts. I'm physically and mentally tired. I haven't even had the energy or interest to watch my junk TV, let alone watch it while on the max trainer!

I hope taking a break will help my mind get back on track.

Monday 5/22: Rest. I think I was up for a workout but just...lost track of time? I had my appointment with Dr. Guerra so that contributed to my laziness.

Tuesday 5/23: Two Blogilates videos with Elizabeth before the Sports Awards banquet.
The second video is one of my favorites!

Wednesday 5/24: 8th grade graduation. I wore heels. Big mistake. My calves were not happy!

Thursday 5/25: Rest.

Friday 5/26: Student teams vs. faculty volleyball game on the last day of school. This was a fun, active 75 minutes in the Florida sun!
We played three sets. Faculty won the first, kids won the second, and then they won the third 28-26. It was really fun!
Saturday & Sunday: Rest.

Here's to more energy and a better mindset this week.



  1. I hope things get better for you and you get your motivation back and you can find joy in the things you love to do.
    Why do the 8th graders graduate before the last day of school? Do they come back to school the following days?

  2. I get in a funk when I can't do the workout I want to... mainly when I can't run. I am taking another week off running, hope my PIMAs go away. You're done with school!!! My last day is the 6th.

  3. I can understand getting into a funk and not really having the energy to do the workouts. You miss running and it's been hard. It's almost time for you to get your test, though, so focus on that. By next week you will have more answers! Hang in there, girl.

  4. If you're feeling mentally & physically tired, you'll definitely benefit from a break. Have you thought about doing something related to running, like volunteering for a kids' running club, until your surgery? I know it wouldn't take the place of running, but you'd still be part of the community.

  5. I definitely understand getting into a funk. I always lift on Mondays but yesterday I didn't do anything. I was feeling unmotivated and at a stand-still since my PT office wasn't opened over the weekend to make an appointment, and my doctor appointment is still so far away. Now that I have a PT appointment for this week I feel like I am moving forward again. I'm glad you ladies convinced me to get my calves checked. I have a new sense of ... something. Maybe purpose? I feel hopeful about the appointments.

    I hope you are enjoying your first days of summer!