Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 5/1-5/7

Monday 5/1: Rest. I did a few squats and stretches, but no real workout.

Tuesday 5/2: A little run using 4/:45 intervals. My legs felt pretty "clompy" and uncoordinated the entire time; it was really hot and humid out, so it could have been that. Or it could've been something else. Who knows at this point?!
2 miles, 4/:45 run/walk, 10:23 pace.
Wednesday 5/3: Two Blogilates videos with Stacey. Elizabeth was out but we used her classroom because it's the only one with enough space to work out in!
During these videos, especially the arms, we always talk to Cassey like we know her. "Okay Cassey, c'mon, start counting're killing me Cassey!"

Thursday 5/4: Full-body mini-circuit followed by two miles. This was the first run that was virtually pain-free. I took a slightly different route, too.
I've been sticking to the golf course because it's easy to just hop out there when the mood strikes, and I'm nervous to actually drive to one of my usual running routes these days, so taking a new route on the course was a nice change.

Friday 5/5: I made a stretch-and-recovery circuit because I was really feeling Wednesday's workout! While I did that, Elizabeth did some various Blogilates videos. I like that sometimes we work out together but focus on what we each need individually.
That evening, Elizabeth ran the two miles to my house (with her husband and daughter, who scooted the entire way), stopped to have some water and chat, and then ran home. I jokingly told her, "I love that you ran over here because it proves you like running!" and she denied denied denied...but I think she missed it more than she's saying!

Saturday 5/6: 2.3 miles...and the pain was definitely back this time. I felt it about a mile in, and around mile 1.5 I had to stop my run interval to stretch it out. I'd put the pain at a 7/10. I'll keep attempting to run this week to make sure this wasn't a fluke.
I got the bill for that first set of tests and I am feeling pretty dejected at the moment. I get to pay an arm and a leg to have learned nothing, and I still will need to get more definitive tests before I can have surgery. So...yeah. Injuries suck.

Sunday 5/7: Rest.



  1. Injuries do suck! I felt the same way paying the doctor who said my foot problem was PF which not quite the correct diagnosis of split tears in my peroneal tendons. I hope you can use this week to try to recreate your pain and then go get your diagnosis so you can plan your fix/recovery/comeback! Hang in there, girl.

  2. Your running selfie is awesome! I suck at selfies and running selfies even more!

    Oh no! Not the pain again!

  3. I'm so sorry about the bill. Injuries suck for so many reasons... one being that they are expensive! I really hope that IF the pain comes back your next test produce results and that it will be worth it in the long run.

  4. Womp, sorry to hear about your bill :( Injuries are a pain!

  5. I got really excited reading about Thursday's pain-free run...then read about Saturday's run. Boo. So cool that you live so close to your running buddy & workout partner though. I'm sure you can't wait until you'll be able to start running regularly together again. That time will come!