Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Earworm Wednesday

I'm currently (or will soon be) on a flight to DC with my 8th graders. We have a 45 minute layover during which we are not allowed to get off the plane. We board at 7am and arrive after 1pm. Pray for me.

Here are three songs I will probably be listening to on the plane to drown out the 90 students on this trip. This week's theme is loud, energized, and good-mood-inducing music!

Bleachers - Don't Take the Money. Just good ol' fun, upbeat music. There's a little bit of an '80s vibe that I dig, too.

STRFKR - Tape Machine. Electronic, groovy goodness.

Capital Cities - Vowels. ASL, impressive dancing, awesome beat...I love this song and video! After looking up the video to link here, I watched it three times.
What music do you like to listen to when you travel or need a pick-me-up?



  1. Good luck! I listen to all kinds of music and my play list is super eclectic. I am really into Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Cage the Elephant, etc. but I have been known to listen to the entire album of Pink Floyd The Wall on a long trip! If I want to sleep (not likely with so many kiddos with you today) I listen to really soft music like Enya or Yanni. Have FUN!

  2. Have fun (and a safe trip)! I did the trip to DC with the 8th graders before but we didn't have to fly because it is so close. We did however have to ride a bus and that was not fun!