Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 4/10-4/16

It's been tough to find motivation to work out over spring break. I mean, I'm still getting it done, but I miss my workout buddies!

Monday: I put together a full-body circuit and completed it twice. I probably should have done a third time but the burpees really got me!
Tuesday: The pain in my calves has been completely dormant because I haven't been running, but Monday night I slept terribly because the pain was back. I used some topical pain relief cream and put on my compression socks, and a few hours later felt good to try a workout.
Real Time Pain Relief sent me a few samples of this stuff; it doesn't have as strong of a menthol smell as most topical pain relief creams, and worked just as well. It has a kind of floral scent; it's very nice, actually!
I did thirty minutes on the max trainer and felt pretty good.

Wednesday: Rest. I got my haircut and didn't want to ruin the blowout with a workout haha!

Thursday: 20 minutes on the max trainer followed by some planks and core stuff. I noticed my calves getting a bit stiff again on the machine, even though I was wearing compression socks.
Friday: Rest. I did some more house cleaning/scrubbing/furniture moving for Passover preparation. Steph and Gordon came in that evening so I opted out of a workout in favor of hanging out with them.

Saturday: I started cooking for Passover Seder around 10:30am and finished the last of the cleaning. Then I did a quick little full-body workout. Sometimes you just gotta fit in what you can!
Sunday: I watched an episode of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot, which is new to Netflix, while on the max trainer. I used to love this show, and it was hilarious and distracting while I did about 35 minutes of cardio.
My view from the max trainer was very motivational!
I finished with some stretching and planks.



  1. Great job! Sorry to hear you're still having troubles with your calves. I just noticed all of your race medals in your home gym and WOW I love it! I avoid working out after getting my hair done too, lol!

  2. We need a picture of your new haircut!

    I love the way you are displaying your race medals!

  3. I am always impressed with your workouts. Even when you are not running you still get a lot in. Kudos!

  4. Ahh that's so annoying that your calves bother you even when wearing compression socks and doing XT exercises. I am really hopeful that you get answers quickly. My calves still tighten up sometimes but they also always loosen up after a mile or two and compression socks help a lot.

    On the plus side you are killing it with your exercise routines, and when you get back to running you're going to feel extra strong!

  5. I'm so impressed that you could get a workout on after a day of cleaning and cooking--both exhaust me! 👍💪👏