Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 3/13-3/19

Monday: We revisited a favorite leg circuit. I was tempted to be done after 3 rounds but after a bit of rest I came back for a 4th!
Complete each exercise for 30s, and repeat 3-5 times.
Tuesday: Rest. I wanted to run because we are having a freak cold front this week, but my calf appointment was set up for Friday (I moved it up) so I decided to wait to run until after that! (Afterward, I wished I had gotten in one more run because then I'd have a fresher memory for my symptoms.)

Wednesday: Some core work via Blogilates.
Thursday: T25 upper body with Elizabeth! I miss running, but I'm really loving being back into a daily workout routine of any kind right now!
Friday: Rest/Recovery. I left work early for my appointment at the sports medicine doctor. I didn't feel much up to a workout afterward. I'll post about the appointment and all that later this week.

Saturday: Matt and I went thrift shopping...not exactly a workout, but I'll count the walking as at least being "active"!

Sunday: Rest. We cleaned out the breakfast area of the kitchen - finally! - and moved some boxes into the attic.

Not a very solid week, but getting there! I just never feel I'm really having a good workout week unless I'm getting my runs in.



  1. I hope everything went well with your appointment!!

  2. Sometimes you just do what you can. Good job!

  3. Getting solid workouts in is still great, even if they weren't runs. Funny how it doesn't feel that way sometimes though. Hope you got some answers from your doctor.

  4. I hope everything went well with your calf appt. How fun that you have workout buddies!