Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 1/2-1/8

OMG I'M BACK. It feels so good to be back to "training" even if this week is really less about training and more about just stretching my legs.

Monday: Three miles on the golf course. It felt so good to run by feel, especially because none of that "feel" ended up being painful!
Tuesday: Lots of restful recovery, just in case my calves were going to regress.

Wednesday: 4 miles with Elizabeth! It was our first run together in ages. My legs were definitely tired, but pain-free. I kept the pace very conservative because my lungs and quads kept reminding me that I had taken time off and wasn't at the same fitness level as before.
Thursday: More stretching and recovery. I meant to do some upper body but my shoulders still ache from doing the kitchen!

Friday: Another 4 miles, another good run! My body is definitely tired and feeling the effects of two weeks off, but as long as I keep our pace steady things seem to be progressing well!
Saturday: More rest. If I'm being honest, at this point it's really just laziness.

Sunday: We woke up at 7am to run at 8...took one look at the weather and went back to bed. I know some of you run in literal subzero temperatures but I don't own clothes for that!
We were able to meet up at 1pm for a nice 6 miles. The run felt good, but the headwind in the last three miles made it tough.

After taking time off, I feel like this was a very strong way to come back. I'm excited to be back to our usual schedule and clobber the last six weeks until A1A!

Total mileage: 17

I have to confess, while I took time off from running I didn't do much of anything else, either. My arms and core feel pretty weak at the moment, especially considering I didn't stick to a good cross-training plan while volleyball season was going on. 

That means I've had something like 8 weeks "off" from proper cross-training. I absolutely need to make core work a priority in the next few weeks so I can be strong and ready for A1A in February.

How did your workouts go in the first week of the year?


  1. Glad that you're back at it and injury free!

  2. Wind sucks! Temperature is all relative. At this point, 33 for me is a WARM day. But you're right, it's all about gear. And obviously it is probably not worth it for you to invest in gear for weather like that because you probably don't get it that often! I was just thinking... running must cost less for people who live in warm climates!

  3. Great to read about your week. I need to work on more core strength exercises too.

  4. Glad that you're back at it, I didn't realize you were injured for a bit. Resting makes such a big difference! I had 2 week period in December that I didn't run, but I think I was just being lazy! Now I'm struggling to get back to routine, lol!

    Oh and 33 funny. I'm not crazy about the 30's either, but we're in the teens now...treadmill, please!

  5. I love this quote " I know some of you run in literal subzero temperatures but I don't own clothes for that!" <-- We just layer on everything we own.. it's the only way.

    I'm sure that your body still has lots of fitness, I do not believe you lose fitness from taking off a couple of weeks! you got this!

    how are your calves feeling now?

  6. Yes!!! Glad you're back and came back strong! I don't blame you for ditching that run. If I didn't have the clothes for it, I would have too!