Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Workouts 1/17-1/22

Monday: See last week's workout recap. Unfortunately, these miles counted for last week, so I'm not counting them here!
Tuesday: I did two rounds of the workout below. I think Elise's Body Shop is my new favorite Instagram account for workouts. They are so tough and she is so strong!

A video posted by Elise Young (@elisesbodyshop) on
Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: 4 miles. I felt pretty good but had just a twinge of shin tightness.
Friday: I opted to rest because my hamstring hurt. I spent the evening prepping for the Women's March on Saturday.

Saturday: I attended the Women's March in Naples. More on that later this week!
Sunday: We attempted a 13-miler but my calf tightness was BACK. Ugh. I am so frustrated! I know I didn't spend enough time stretching and heating this week, so we cut the run short (to ~2.5 miles) and we'll try again Monday.

Total Mileage: 6 (not counting Monday's 9)



  1. Calf pain/tightness is such a pain. I agree with how you mentioned stretching is a waste of quality I always feel that way so I try to stretch while watching Netflix and I don't notice how much time passes that way. ;)

  2. I had calf tightness this week too!! it was painful and awful! I was able to trace mine back to not drinking enough water and not having enough electrolytes, so today I have my bottle and nuun ready.

  3. Oh, I'll have to check out her IG for workouts. Thanks! Sorry to hear the calf tightness is back. I hope it's short-lived.

  4. Sorry the tightness is back! Freaking bummer. I hope you can get it feeling better these next couple days. I am all tight from the march!